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A Complete Guide for Indian Visa Application Online

Everyone has a dream of visiting foreign country for various purposes. To visit any country, everyone has a passport and visa. So if you’re from United Kingdom, United states, Australia, Canada, and many other countries, and want to visit India for particular purpose, Indian visa is must for you. It is necessary for you to have a passport and a visa for visiting India. Now, obtaining visa to India is very easier and convenient than ever, Indian visa application procedure is very simple and easy to follow. Foreign nationalists should have full and accurate knowledge about Indian visa.  Americans, British nationals, Australians, Canadians, and other country citizens are eligible for Indian visa for a fixed period, therefore they need to complete all requirements for Indian visa application process. Here, we are going to share some important tips to obtain visa to India Online.

Indian Visa Application online-

Tip1-Which kind of visa you want to obtain-

Regular visa- For applying for a regular visa like ten years tourist visa, you should apply at an Indian mission. First of all, you need to apply online, you should print the form, and keep it before your local consulate. There are 3 instruction Indian visa application procedures. You should follow all the steps in the right ways.

There will be several specific rules and regulations like the correct dimensions of the photos that you need to bring correctly. If you do not follow the right guidelines rightly, they will not entertain your Indian visa application. For Urgent Indian visa, you should read the process on the official website of Indian visa.

E-Visa-For applying for e-visa, you need to study official website deeply. Indian e-visa is legally valid for sixty to ninety days from entering the date of the country.

Tip2- You must contact Indian mission for a regular visa

You should contact Indian mission to enter the country to start the procedure of obtaining a regular Indian visa and filling up Indian visa application form in the right ways. Sometimes, you will be guided to a company and they outsource you for processing visas like BLS services in Canada. Therefore you should be prepared yourself and keep all required and correct information, required documents, and passport, so you can go for Indian visa easily.

Tip3- You should have full knowledge about E-Visa

E-Visa is simplified process for international tourists. Their main aim of visiting India is entertainment, visiting tourist places, sightseeing, medical treatment, business meetings, meeting with the friends and relatives. As per the rules of Indian government, Indian visa application process is very easy and appropriate to understand. So everyone can apply for visa to India online easily.

E-Visa Rules and regulations-

When you’re planning to visit India, the most important thing is that you must check your eligibility for obtaining E-visa to India. As per the legal documentation procedure of Indian visa, you should match all the documents requirements and terms and conditions to ignore any kind of visa rejection. Your staying period should not be exceeded more than 90 days. Your purpose of visiting India should be visiting your friends and relatives, sightseeing, and entertainment activities. The authenticity of your recognition should not be less than six months and it should be cleared in the clear documents stamped by the migration officer. All the essential documents as residency proof, occupation, and proof of assets should be disclosed.

You can get a lot of advantages, if you apply E-visa online. Indian visa process is very simple and suitable process, so you can go for Indian visa. You can carry the authenticity for sixty days. It can be applicable for various purposes such as medical treatment, business, travel industry and other purpose. In the case of urgent Indian visa, you can visit official website of Indian visa.

It is certain that E-visa is very suitable method of obtaining the entry card in any country. Its importance is very much as compared to other types of visas. So before applying for visa to India, you must study properly each aspect of Indian visa application procedure. If you have any confusion about Indian visa application procedure, you can discuss with visa experts online.

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