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Ajmer—the city of unity, history and rich culture

Ajmer city is situated in Rajasthan, India, which has tons of historical evidence to see while you are here on your tour to India. The name Ajmer is derived from the Ajay Meru—the invincible hills, with great height. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free The city itself speaks so loudly that the entire globe can get to know about the history of the city during the reign of the Chauhan dynasty. Ajmer was founded by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan in the early 7th century AD. As time escape, the city became an abode of so many powerful, royal dynasties including the Mughals as well as the Britishers.

On the other hand, Ajmer, became the symbol of unity, history, and rich culture, because there not just only Rajputs, Chauhans, etc. lived. The city has had a great number of Muslims, who lived happily and peacefully there, however, the population of Muslims still live there.

In short, Rajasthan is a true state where culture, tradition, religious live along from the very beginning. However, if you want to witness the royal Ajmeri culture, history, and unity, then you must visit India having your evisa India.

Must-visit tourist destinations in Ajmer

Here are some of the most striking tourist destinations in Ajmer, Rajasthan to visit and experience the diversity in unity—

Dargah Sharif

Dargah Sharif is one of the holiest religious places in Ajmer where one can visit to worship and feel the divine energy run on their veins. It is a tomb of Moinuddin Chishti. People derive here from across the globe to witness and worship it. Over here, there is no barrier of castes, anyone can come and worship whether you are Hindu, Muslim, overseas nationals, and so on. You can visit and sit for prayers for hours, no one will say to go. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours. 

In Dargah Sharif, the followers of every faith visit. However, Gharib Nawaz Moin-ud-din Chishti is the resting place for all after wandering entire Ajmer. That is why Ajmer is famous for diversity in unity. Once it has had contributed an enormous amount of ethical and spiritual values of Islam masses, and made the religious global.

Urs Festival

If you want to eyewitness the grandeur and one of the most famous annual Urs festival in the Ajmer Sharif shrine in Rajasthan, then you must travel India. Urs festival is celebrated on the death anniversary of the Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, popularly known as Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, who was the founder of Chishti Sufi in the Indian subcontinent. Every year, during this festival, thousands of devotees visit to celebrate the death anniversary of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. People having backgrounds in all religions and castes from India and abroad visit to pay tribute and homage to the Sufi saint during the Urs Festival.

Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah is situated in Ajmer, fills with devotees who come to paying respect to the saint. The sight of this great festival with thousands of devotees’ fill energy to the body when they offer ceremonial chadars on the saint grave. During the festival, candles are lit, prayers are made and qawwalis are performed by the great Sufis throughout the night, which runs for the six-days.

Urs festival is celebrated in Rajab, which is the seventh month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and it is one of the most important festivals when devotees can do ziyarat on the sacred shrine.

Prithiviraj Smarak

Prithiviraj Smarak is situated on the road of Taragarh in Ajmer. It is a memorial dedicated to the fearless Rajput King—Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithiviraj Smarak is a place where massive statues of the king are placed, built in a position when Prithiviraj mounted on a black horse. It a great tribute to the great warrior.

Besides, the Prithiviraj Smarak is built on atop a hill and the view from this Smarak is panoramic when you see the city below.

Foy Sagar Lake

This astonishingly beautiful water body was built in the year 1892 by the English engineer Mr. Foy as a part of the famine relief project. Foy Sagar Lake is an artificial lake located on the Foy Sagar Garden Road. It offers a majestic view of the Aravallis while you are in the lake, thus it is known as the most popular tourist destinations in the city. The lake also offers you precious peace of mind and a sense of serenity and give you a wonderful opportunity to witness the Aravallis peak view in a 360 angle. It is a famous picnic spot, where you must visit to have some leisure embracing the atmosphere and tranquility of the cool water. The lake contains 15 million cubic feet water, which is spread on an area of 14,000, 000 sq. ft.

Over here, you can click some beautiful pictures to make your visit memorable throughout your life on the exquisite banks of this gorgeous serene lake.

Akbar’s Palace

Akbar’s palace was constructed in 1500 AD for his troops, it was the place where he and his army stayed for the sudden situation of battles. The Palace lies in the centre of the town and encourages tourists from India and abroad to visit. The palace is magnificent, which retreats the eyes of history lovers, scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts. That is why it is considered as the most wonderful places to visit while you are in India on your tour.

Besides, the palace also has a house of Government museum that offers you the opportunity to witness several assortments of rich artifacts, stone sculptures, medieval armory, Mughal and Rajput lifestyle things, and exquisite paintings of the Maharajas of Bharatpur on display.

So, if you are planning your tour to Rajasthan, then be sure to visit Akbar’s Palace.


Apart from these tourist destinations, there are numerous wonders to visit such as Akbari Fort, Akbar Mosque, Abdulla Khan’s Tomb, Ajmer Clock Tower, City Square Mall, Sai Baba Temple, Birla City Water Park and so on. So, make sure to add these sightseeing too your travel bucket list while you are in India having an indian visa


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