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Apply for business visa before your next visit to India

India has exacting requirements on entry into the country and acquiring an Indian Visa can turn out badly if somehow process isn't followed properly. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs claims the option to issue visas to foreign nationals for their India visit. It has already settled some guidelines for the visitors regarding visa issue that are must to get followed by the visitors, before their appearance into the country.

The Indian Government has now introduced different time period visa for citizens of other countries. They are distinguished as 1-month, 1-year and even 5-year visas for the tourists. These days, visitors to India can enjoy the benefits of e-visa. An Indian E business visa is sufficient for the visitors, who wish to visit India for different purposes like the travel industry, business, medical and some conferences.

Such e-visas are normally marked for momentary visit to the country. For long haul visits, a regular visa is enthusiastically recommended.

Applying for a visa

You are given the choice of picking a regular visa in place of online E visa for India. On the off chance that you are not picking e-visa, you can just apply for a regular paper visa online. The Indian Government had introduced a typical online application process which permits you to present your request online. This process however begins with an online structure accommodation, processed through presenting your documents and visa to the relevant Indian embassy in that specific country.

In case, you think that it’s difficult to appear before the Indian Embassy for document verification, you can pick the visa processing center to process your request. For this, you can basically complete your application structure on the agency's website and mail your concerned application and related documents to the concerned authorities.

Business Visa

Business visa for India is allowed to those people who have some business meet in the country. It really connections to the business opportunities conducted by the visitors in India. On the off chance that you are applying for a business visa to India, you need to present a letter from the association, to which you belong. In that, details of your visits like nature of the business, length of the business activity, places to visit and intention to meet expenses must be detailed.

Business visas are legitimate for a period of 5-10 years, with multiple entries. However, visitor for business purpose isn't allowed to remain in the country for more than 180 days all at once.

With the Indian E Business visa, which can be substantial for a period of between three months and one year, you can visit India to attend meetings, conferences, negotiations and other business activities. Why not make a difference for your Business Visa to India with Visa First. We can secure visas for you and your entire team.


You can apply for this visa if:

  • Hold a visa from an eligible country
  • Your visa must be substantial for the entire period of your intended remain and have clear pages


To apply for this E business visa, you need to check out the documents required for business visa. These may include:

  • An identification which is in excellent condition and legitimate for at any rate a half year after the application date at the Embassy of India. The visa should likewise include in any event two clear pages
  • The Indian Embassy application structure signed on the two pages. Visa First will complete this structure online for you
  • One identification size photo with white foundation
  • A letter from your employer (addressed to the Indian Embassy), specifying the exact purpose of your visit and the expected beginning and end dates. This letter should be on organization letterhead and written in English, signed and stamped
  • A greeting letter from the Indian organization (addressed to the Indian Embassy) specifying the exact purpose of your visit just as the expected beginning and end dates. The letter should be on organization letterhead and written in English with a stamp and signature

Working of e-Business visa

Travelers who need to get their urgent Indian business visa must understand the below things before completing application-

  • The e-Business visa for India is substantial as long as 1 year from the date of issue
  • The e-Business visa has a multiple-entry system.
  • This visa type is non-extendable and non-convertible.
  • Candidates are required to have adequate assets to help themselves during the stay in India.
  • Travelers are required to convey a duplicate of their endorsed business e-Visa India approval reliably during their business.
  • Visitors must have an appearance ticket while applying for an e-Business visa.

All candidates must have their identification, where their age is additionally written. The  business visa for india can't be utilized and isn't extensive to visit ensured/confined or Cantonment regions. The visa must have two clear pages for the movement and border control specialists to put the entry and leave stamps. Candidates who have International Travel Documents or Embassy Passports can't have any critical bearing for a Business e-Visa for India.

It is essential to take note that there is extra Business e Visa confirmation necessities to effectively get the visa. These requisites are:

  • Business Card, the least troublesome, or a Business Letter;
  • Answer certain inquiries concerning the sending and accepting associations.

How much you can remain in India with e-business visa?

The e-Business visa for India is a multiple-entry visa that permits a stay of up to 180 days from the date of first entry.

A Business Visa holder must arrive through any of 28 allocated air terminals or 5 assigned seaports. E-Business visa holders can leave the country from any of the approved Immigration Check Posts in India. On the off chance that you have to enter in India by means of land or through a port of passage you that aren’t in the assigned e-Visa ports then you ought to get a visa at a government office or department like an embassy.

How you can deal with the India business visa?

The Business Visa to India is an online electronic travel endorsement to make an excursion to India for the purpose related to business. The e-Business can be utilized for any of these reasons-

  • For deals/purchases or exchange.
  • To go to conferences.
  • To set up mechanical/undertaking.
  • To lead visits.
  • To convey lectures under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
  • To enroll in labor.
  • To take part in shows or business/exchange fairs.
  • Master/authority regarding an on-going errand.

On the off chance that you have any of the above reason, then nobody can prevent you from getting Business Visa as all these are the legal reason for business visits. All you require to know is the eligibility and method of applying because this is the main thing that will help you in getting a visit at the ideal time. After all, endorsement may take time. On the off chance that you know the exact date and time of your visit at the ideal time then it will be beneficial for you to apply as quickly as time permits.

Hence it is better to take the help of online application with the goal that you will be able to get everything done at a time while on the off chance that you know nothing or have any query, then you can take the help of customer emotionally supportive network or mail them regarding your queries related to E business visa for India.

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