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Apply for Indian E visa online before you travel to India

Applying for an Indian E visa may seem to be a difficult undertaking, yet the better approaches for preventing delays have made it easier. In the event that you are intending to travel to India immediately, you should think about the methods of applying for an Indian Visa Online. The government of India has not just made arrangements for charging extra fees for an emergency visa however, likewise has become an easy assignment to apply in a few steps. Whether you are traveling to India for exploring the country or some business-related issues, you need to think about the process for applying Visa for India.

For the foreign nationals who need to visit the country, there are different schemes to apply for the visa online. Out of 167 countries, the citizens of 166 can apply for Indian visa except those whose forefather was from Pakistan. You should simply to fill the application, present the required documents and hang tight for the endorsement. Once your visa for India is approved you can collect if from Indian Mission and online too.

How long does it take to issue the e-visa?

The electronic visa is issued inside a most extreme period of 72 hours. In the event that any data or documentation (photograph, identification, etc) is incorrect, they will advise you by email, so you can enter the application stage again and correct it.

Where the e-visa is requested?

You can request the e-Visa India in two different ways:

  • On your own, through the official website of the Government of India. This is the most economical way.
  • Another alternative is to order the procedure from a visa agency, which charges extra management costs. This is a decent choice, in the event that you have problems with the official website, either when rounding out the structure, transferring the documentation or making the payment. It can likewise be a decent alternative, in the event that you need personalized advice for your specific case.

What are the steps to obtain the E visa to India?

 STEP 1: Have a legitimate identification and sweep the primary page

Before beginning the e-Visa application process, it is necessary to have an identification, which must be substantial for in any event a half year from the expected date of entry into India. That is, in the event that the proposed travel date is July 1, 2020, then your visa must have an expiration date beyond December 31, 2020.

In the e-visa application, you will be asked for a scanned duplicate of the identification page where your personal information and your photograph are located, so you should have it prepared before rounding out the application structure. It must meet the accompanying characteristics like the Pdf design and minimum size of 10 KB and most extreme 300 KB.

You should likewise note that the visa must not present any damage, scratch or tearing. If so, it's better to renew it before applying for the electronic visa to India.

STEP 2: Take an advanced photograph

During the E Visa application process, you should transfer to the stage a recent photo with a white foundation, which meets the accompanying requirements:

  • JPEG design.
  • Size: least 10 KB and most extreme 1 MB.
  • The height and width of the photograph must be the same.
  • The photograph must be full face, front view, eyes open and without glasses.
  • Center the head inside the frame and present the entire head from the highest point of the hair to the lower part of the jaw.
  • The foundation must be light or white.
  • No shadows on the face or foundation.
  • Without borders.
  • No smile

STEP 3: Fill in the electronic structure

Once you have your visa scanned and your computerized photograph, the time has come to round out the application structure. However, before rounding it out, consider the accompanying:

  • Use Chrome browser to apply for a visa. However on the off chance that you have problems, you can attempt a different browser (Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).
  • Disable spring up blockers that you have activated in your browser.
  • If you have problems with any of the payment systems, attempt the other alternatives offered.

Here are the detailed steps which make you understand the complete process of applying for online Indian visa.

3.1. Select your identity and type of visa

Right off the bat, to round out the electronic visa structure you should enter the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the Indian Government and snap on the catch «Apply here for e-visa».

3.2. Enter your personal data: name, address, family, spouse, etc.

In the second piece of the structure, you should enter your personal data and your identification data.

3.3. Address and information of your parents

Here, you have to mention the details of your present and permanent address of your parents.

Present Address

•            House No./Street

•            Village/Town/City.

•            Country

•            State/Province/District.

•            Postal/Zip Code

•            Phone No.

•            Mobile No.

•            Email Address.

3.4. Data about your spouse and your profession

You should indicate your circumstance: married, single, divorced, widowed, etc.

Spouse's Details

•            Name

•            Nationality/Region

•            Previous Nationality/Regions

•            Place of birth

•            Country/Region of birth

Were your Parents/Grandparents (paternal/maternal) Pakistan Nationals or Belong to Pakistan held area. If so, you should indicate if your parents or grandparents were Pakistani.

3.5. Details of your visa, previous excursions and contact persons

On the next screen you should complete your visa data. Mention the details of your previous visa details.

3.6. Extra questions about your rebel past

In this section, you should answer a series of questions wherein the answer will ordinarily be "No":

3.7. Transfer an advanced photograph

Then you should transfer an advanced photograph, which meets the conditions detailed in step 2:

3.8. Transfer the scanned identification (personal data page)

In this section, you ought to transfer a scanned duplicate of the visa page where your personal data and your photograph is placed.  

3.9. Summary

Once you have uploaded the scanned visa to Indian, you can see a synopsis of your application, with all the information entered so you can verify that everything is correct.

On the off chance that any information is incorrect, click on "Adjust" to alter it. On the off chance that everything is correct snap on "Verified and Continue".

3.10. Make the payment

Next, you should pay the electronic visa issuance fees. You can choose to pay presently ("Pay Now") or pay later ("Pay Later").

Follow the above steps to apply successfully for urgent Indian visa.

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