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Apply Tourist Visa for India online and stay relaxed

The Government of India welcomes and provides the facility of online E-Visa service to more than 169 countries around the world. International travelers visiting India with the sole purpose of recreation, sightseeing, enjoying locales,

a casual visit to friends, attend weddings or meet relatives and only looking to stay in the country for a brief period need to apply for the Indian e-tourist visa or the Electronic Tourist Visa. The tourist Indian e Visa or eTV for India is an online travel authorization. The first thing to remember here is that this e-Visa is not a visa on entry or a visa on arrival as for the one offered in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and numerous nations. Before your travel, check the list of nations legitimate for e-visa to India.

Validity and some prerequisites

The qualification criteria and validity for an eTV through the online visa application system are

· Backpackers who are visiting for a short duration with the sole intention to explore the country for its diversity, natural beauty, and spirituality or visiting to meet friends and relatives

· Travelers have to have adequate funds for the expense and need to carry a return ticket or an onward travel ticket through-out their stay in India.

· Kids are also required to obtain a valid E Visa in India.

· Tourist India E Visa is valid for 60-days from the date of arrival in India.

· Dual entrance is allowed for Indian e-Tourist Visa.

· The applicant should present the passport through which the Online Tourist India Visa was applied, on the arrival in the country.

· At least six months validity of the passport is required from the day of arrival in India. The passport needs to have at least 2 separate pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.

How to apply for the Online Tourist India Visa before Your TripThere are two ways:-

On the India online visa website: This can be done without anyone else’s by following the instructions prescribed. In the event that you botch up or overlook a bit of printed material, the site won’t give you another opportunity for anything, you shall have to pay once more. Make sure to do this precisely without errors FOUR days before you are traveling.

On the Indian e tourist visa website: This is the least demanding route as they have a “zero dissatisfaction arrangement”. You just need to disclose the date you are flying in and the rest is taken care of. In case you’re rejected for a mistake they pay to attempt once more. One of the biggest relief while applying for this visa is, minimal follow-up is required and whenever you apply they ensure that you get your visa four days prior to your journey. Hence, one task can be ticked off from your checklist and you don’t have to stress out over it before your travel.

Documents and Fees

  • A crystal clear, colored scanned copy of the Passport in PDF, JPG, or PNG format using not more than 3 MB of file size, has to be incorporated by the applicant.
  • Primarily there are two kinds of charges included in the tourist visa for India, Indian Government e-Visa Fee along with Visa Service fee. The assistance fee is a charge for assisting one to acquire E Visa as quickly as you can.

Some Points to remember before applying for a Tourist Visa for India

#Applying for your e-visa should be your priority, make sure you order it up to 30 days prior to flying to the country and don’t leave it late.

# Before sharing your details or paying the service fee, make sure to collect as much information as you can about applying for an Indian e-visa online.

# Always keep a pen and paper with you so that you can write down the ID number.

# The process of visa application is quite rigid and there are high chances that your application gets rejected even if the file size of your passport photo is slightly bigger.

# Don’t forget to mention your hotel/ tourist resort/ family or friend’s address where you are expecting to stay along with their contact numbers.

# There are several websites making money by fooling you in the name of delivering e-Visas. Be extremely cautious so you don’t fall into their trap.

# While filling up your form patiently take 25 -50 minutes, be calm to get it completed without any errors, though there are options to save your partly filled details.

# In case your form-filling process gets interrupted by any network loss, you don’t have to lose your calm, the name, ID number, and passport number will allow you to resume where you last finished.

# Be selective while choosing the options in the requested visa, make sure to click on the Tourist visa option.

# Initially, it shows an error 3–4 times even if you enter correct details but, and to avoid starting the login process all over again stay calm, focused and finish it in one go.

#Chances of rejection of your visa application are high even for the slightest of error while filling, so make sure you go through the details once again before submitting. And also carefully check your details on each page so that you can have a hassle-free check in into the country during your travel to India.

#During payment, do not panic if you notice only your first name and not your surname as the surnames will be specified on the e-Visas.

# The Indian visa office will constantly let you know your application’s status through e-mails.

# You are most likely to get a confirmation mail within three days.

# It is highly advisable that you carry a printed copy of your e-Visa in order to avoid any problem during your arrival at the airport.

#Enjoy being in India and make the most of your trip to the auspicious country but, altogether take care of your passport and visa.

#Do not forget to mark your visit to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the great Taj mahal, during your visit to India. The invigorating vibes and the splendidness of the monument shall leave you in awe.

#Also make sure to experience the Indian authentic rural lifestyle amidst the Himalayan beauty, the backwaters of the South India and the extended desert on north India.

These are essentially the main things you have to keep in mind before coming to India. Ensure you keep in mind to procure the visa amidst all the excitement of exploring the new land. I prescribe applying with India Online Visa when you’ve booked your flight!

Thank you for reading…

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