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Check out the Visa Requirements of India and types of Indian Visa

India has strict requirements on entry into the country and obtaining an Indian Visa can go wrong if somehow process is not followed properly. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs owns the right to issue visas to foreign nationals for their India visit. It has already settled some guidelines for the visitors regarding visa issue that are must to get followed by the visitors, before their arrival into the country.

The Indian Government has now introduced different time period visa for citizens of other countries. They are distinguished as 1-month, 1- year and even 5-year visas for the tourists. Nowadays, visitors to India can enjoy the benefits of e-visa. An online Evisa for India is sufficient for the visitors, who wish to visit India for different purposes like tourism, business, medical and some conferences.

Such e-visas are usually marked for short term visit to the country. For long term visits, a regular visa is highly recommended.

Applying for a visa

You are given the choice of picking a regular visa in place of online Evisa for India. If you are not choosing e-visa, you can simply apply for a regular paper visa online. The Indian Government had introduced a common online application process which allows you to submit your request online. This process though starts with an online form submission, processed via submitting your documents and passport to the relevant Indian embassy in that particular country.

In case, you find it hard to appear before the Indian Embassy for document verification, you can pick the visa processing center to process your request. For this, you can simply complete your application form on the agency’s website and mail your concerned application and related documents to the concerned authorities.

Types of visa

As stated earlier, e-visa is issued to the foreign nationals for their short term visit to India. It can be something related to tourism, medical emergency, business purpose or any similar purpose.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa is issued to the people who want to come to India to have a sightseeing experience to the country. Also, people who want to see someone or want to attend a short-term yoga program can also take advantage of tourist visa for India.

Though visitors are granted the tourist visa for more than 6 months, but they are not allowed to remain in the country for longer, despite of their tourist visa. However, now this rule has received some changes. Now, visitors can take advantage of the e-visa scheme. Under this scheme, they can apply for an ETA online and get a visa stamp for entry into the country. Now, visitors can apply for e-tourist visa of one-month, one-year and five-year validity period.

Tourist’s visa fees depend upon the arrangements between the two countries. While applying for tourist visa, you need to submit your passport, which is valid for the next six months at least. Also, you need to submit the details of your itinerary as well.

Business Visa

Business visa for India is allowed to those individuals who have some business meet in the country. It actually links to the business opportunities conducted by the visitors in India. If you are applying for a business visa, you need to submit a letter from the organization, to which you belong. In that, details of your visits like nature of the business, duration of the stay, places to visit and intention to meet expenses must be detailed.

Business visas are valid for a period of 5-10 years, with multiple entries. However, visitor for business purpose is not allowed to stay in the country for more than 180 days at a time.

Medical Visa

If you are looking forward for some long-term treatment in some recognized and specialized hospital in the country, you can take the medical visa.

Medical visa for India allows you to have treatment to ailments like heart disease, organ transplant, plastic surgery and many others. However, visitor can take the medical e-visa, if the treatment is short-term or can take a period of 60 days maximum.

Visitors can get their visas extended but only the regular ones. E-visa is not available for extension.

Before applying for a regular visa or e-visa, it is advisable to confirm the processed with the concerned authorities.


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