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Delicious Foods To Try When You Take A Trip To India

Guest is equal to God is Indians mantra. It's among the factors you can be and sometimes apply for an online tourist visa.

India tends to provide foods for certain tourist moods in every possible way. Whether you're exploring the mountainous areas of Kashmir or sunbathing down the southern beaches of Kanyakumari, you'll find that as you fly every 50 miles, food shifts along with the culture.

Including spicy pakoras to delicious lassi or finger-licking Mughlai tandoori chicken to smoking hot momos, India there's something for all food lovers.

So while you're here, explore and enjoy India through all the food lanes mentioned below:

1. Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani, Andhra Pradesh

A state identified as Nizam's Legacy, situated in the south.

Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani is a spicy rice dish slowly cooked in sealed containers with yogurt, several spices, saffron, and poultry or mutton that has been cooked over several hours.

It's a big hit among all the visitors, mainly because it's a culinary tradition similar to American Barbecue—a humble cuisine of explosive taste.

2. Momos and Thukpa in the Eastern Indian States

Due to the excellent weather and the stunning green landscapes, India's East area is also called the "Abode of the Gods."

A relatively large number of Tibetans and Nepalese in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, and Nagaland will attract your mind not only with their friendliness but also with their delicious momos and thukpas.

All of you that had a hard time admitting good-bye to the Nestle Maggi noodles will be pleased to try the Wai-Wai noodles in this area.

Do not even miss to store your travel bags with 152 tea packs from Darjeeling, as this area provides the desired tea in the world.

3. In Bihar, Litti

Place of Buddhist monks, famous for the University of Nalanda and the University of Vikramasila.

Although some apply for tourist e visa to India just for this area to enlighten themselves with spiritual and religious information, others visit this state to snorkel some crunchy and tongue Litti (grain balls stuffed with Pitti—roasted and flavored gram flour) dip in ghee while frying and Chokha (char-grilled aubergines or mashed potatoes). The flavor of the food is worth all the calories you get from the ghee.

4. Dahi Bhalla, kachori, bhel puri, Delhi-NCR

"Dil Waalon ki Dilli" is a term with which Delhi-National Capital Places are linked, which means that Delhi refers to people with such a loving heart.

From hotels in the Walled City Bylans to swanky restaurants in five-star hotels, you'll have a memorable moment in the capital of India.

But since you got out of Indira Gandhi International Airport and pulling up a chair in a dingy Delhi Dhaba/local roadside supermarket to get a glimpse of smoking woks, pungent curry pans, and oil pouring out of tandoor while standing in line to have your share of street food – including aloo chaat, papri chaat, Dahi Bhalla, chaat, bhel puri to kebabs and paani puri – you know your foodie trip.

After getting Delhi's spicy food, everyone will undoubtedly rush to Annapoorna and Ghantewala to try some sweets and appetizers to stop the rose running-induced by so much mirch!

5. Seafood at Goa

The beach capital of India, famous for its beauty and wines!

This is absolutely the best spot if you have "wine, dine and ninety-nine" plans.

Many of you rallying to Goa must try various seafood dishes mainly cooked in typical Goan spices, such as kokum, dried red chillis, coconut milk, palm liquor, and cashew nuts. Your sugar craving cravings are going to find solace in bebinca, dodol, and doce.

One of the memories that everybody still takes home is Goa's native liquor feni.

6. Khandvi's rolls in Gujarat

uThe citizens of this state are so lovely that they will always love to have talks with you now and again. So the tip for you is, don't you get confused if someone greets you with "Kem Cho?" "(meaning how are you?) on any other path you cross. Only smile at them, "Hu saaru che." (meaning I'm right)

No cuisine knowledge in Gujarat will begin or end without tasting Gujarati and Kathiawadi dishes that include dhokla – a snack dish made from fermented rice and besan and chickpea batter. Wherever you want to apply for urgent tourist visa you must try a few fast bites of khandvi quick rolls since they are delicious snacks prepared from gram flour and sour cream, tempered with sesame oil, mustard seeds, and dotted with chopped green chilies, coconut, and coriander.

7. Madra at Himachal Pradesh

"He" (snow) and "achal" (unmovable), also named the mountain state, was its heaven of any climber.

The primary reason to visit Himachal Pradesh is its cool climate and the mesmerizing sight of snow-capped pine and deodar trees standing upright. But let your justification be food that is as heavenly as the nature of the world.

You all must try madra, a popular Pahadi gravy traditional dish from either a unique combination of chickpeas, yogurt, coconut, almonds, and raisins.

8. Tea in Jammu and Kashmir

The town has repeatedly been comparable to Switzerland, and exploring this place is known as the stunning look of the hill resort of Srinagar would indeed sweep you away from your feet.

Throughout the chill of the cold night, hardly anything warms the souls more than just a cup of kahwa squeezed from the Sarovar—pure nectar of mild green tea sprinkled with sugar, cardamom, and crushed almonds with some strands of saffron. Sarovar is a typical brass spatula made of copper or brass with a base compartment containing burning coal to make tea.

One of Kashmiri cuisine's essential ingredients, rogan josh, is a non-veg curry with a deboned chicken lamb, cooked in a mixture of caramelized shallots, yogurt, and other spices, mainly red Kashmiri chilies, that give the dish its distinctive red color.

9. Meal of rice pancakes in Karnataka

Karnataka is undoubtedly a treasure chest for travel lovers with a stunning view of Coorg's coffee farm.

It can tend to be a foodie's center, as you can find everything from the finest lemon and mango rice in Bangalore to the tasty cuisine in Kodagu City that specializes in a range of spicy and tangy chutneys, such as koomu sauce (spicy mushroom curry), Koli curry (authentic chicken curry) including Marchi manga curry (lamb curry flavored with raw mangoes).

It helps to calm your blood sugar spike cravings, and you could rush to Ooty for sinisterly chocolatey goodness and pistachio fudges, which are conveniently available in the local bakeries.

You will get delicious food when you visit India. Indian people are the most food lovers and were best to make spicy and mouth melting dishes. So, apply now for tourist visa for India and enjoy the variety of foods.

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