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The ancient and famous temples of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the heart of rich culture, ancient religion, traditions, beliefs, and temples. It is the fourth largest state with 93,935 sqmt land area and it is counted as one of the most populous places in India, situated on the north sharing the boundary with Nepal and Himalaya. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh is a highly respected state in India among its citizens, because according to the Indian history, the divine king Rama of the epic “Ramayana” had his reign in Ayodhya, the capital of KosalaIndian Visa helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa The state is still calling as the “Ram Rajya”, who defeated “Ravana”, the demon king in the ancient period when he abducted “Sita”.

In another account, Uttar Pradesh is also known for its devotion to “Krishna”, the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu (Hindu Deity) is said to take birth in the city of glorious Mathura.

However, today we have come with a list of religious pilgrimages and temples in Uttar Pradesh so that, your journey can be relaxed and enjoyable and you can devote your zenith completely to temples without tiring to find out the ancient and famous temples in Uttar Pradesh.

As the name says, the birthplace of King Rama is an ancient pilgrimage spot, where devotees of Rama, visits to worship. It is said that the city was built by the Gods itself. The Ikshvaku (Suryavamsa) or Solar Clan, was the ruling dynasty of that time when Lord Rama born. At Rama Janmbhoomi, the “Raja Ram is worshiped by the devotees, they do vrata (fast) and feasting, especially on the “Ram Navami” the birth anniversary of Rama. To attend this day, devotees fling themselves from across the world to worship the god and pray for their health, wealth and happiness.

This day, devotees recite Rama Katha (stories of Rama) and his life journey whether the god’s marriage with Sita (Goddess Laxmi), their separation because of demon king Ravana and their tragic end, when Sita died by surrendering herself to the earth when she asked to go through the fire test for her purity to Rama.

Ayodhya is a prominent city in Uttar Pradesh and the incarnation of gods made it worshiping state, especially in India, thus it has so many temples and places, where people visit to feel the cosmic vibe and witnessing beautiful, glorious of gigantic temples. And, Guptar Ghat, is one of the major bunch of temples with huge and alluring parks surrounded. Gupta means disappearance, it is the place where Rama has left his body to take the cosmic form. To worship Lord Rama, the people of here, constructed new temples called “Chakra Harji Vishnu, Gupta Harji, and Raja Mandir”. Here, if you come, can witness the imprints of Sri Rama’s feet.

Another pilgrimage to show your gratitude towards gods and the principles of universal law is Hanuman Garhi. This temple is situated in the town of Ram Janmbhoomi, here Hanuman is worshiped. The temple contains a statue of Mata Anjani with child Hanuman, who is seated on her lap. People visited this holy shrine to grant wishes from every corner of India. The temple is constructed with four-sided and circular bastions at its every corner. If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through Tourist Visa.  

However, it has alluring flowers, emerald meadows, huge parks, and Saryu river, if you are a Hanuman devotee or want to offer your rite on this Hanuman Jayanti, then you must come over here because this place will make you feel spiritual peace and will fade away all your problems of life.

The pearl white temple is established by Kush, son of Lord Rama. It is believed that Kush lost his armlet while bathing in the Saryu river, which was eventually picked by a “Nag Kanya” who fell in love with Kush. The girl was a devotee of Lord Shiva, so Kush erected this serene temple. However, there are so many temples in Ayodhya and Uttar Pradesh to visit, meanwhile, you can witness some nearby places and temples such as “Lakshaman Ghat”, the brother of Lord Rama, said to have bathed over here, is one of the wonderful attractions.

There is another temple, which is surrounded by the Ghat, is “Vasistha Kund Temple”. Apart from that, you can also put your ritual and prayers to Goddess Sita and Lord Rama in this temple. If you wishful to visit over here, then you must come to Ayodhya in winter, because throughout the weather, the place remains cool and mild. You are advised not to visit over here in April to June because Uttar Pradesh weather remains so hot, and this can make you exhausted, dehydrated and tempered.

Apart from that, Uttar Pradesh has monuments, forts, beautiful cenotaphs, ancient ruins, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and so on to make your visit to India memorable and delightful, then you must not think twice to visit in India.


Sum Up

Here, we have told you about the ancient and famous temple (Vasistha Kund Temple, Nageshwarnath Temple, Lakshaman Ghat, Ram Janmbhoomi, Hanuman Garhi, Guptar Ghat and its history) of Uttar Pradesh to make your pilgrimage and visit sustainable, enjoyable and problem-free. If you are an International traveler and interested to visit India then you need valid E-Tourist Visa to enter in India. Urgent Indian Visa  is an online source where you can apply for hassle-free Indian E Visa.



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