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One halt of the famous Indian Char Dham Yatra, Puri is one of the most popular backpacker’s destination.

Jagannath Temple, the majestic abode of Lord Vishnu is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site. Splendid architecture, ravishing carvings on the entrances, main shrine and all other temples in the premises makes one feel in God’s home itself. With one of the largest kitchen in India, delicious food is cooked in earthen pots and served to thousands of devotees after offering to the deities, this food is often known as Mahaprasad. Every year during the month of June or July, the most awaited and celebrated Jagannath Rath Yatra takes place. Every year lakhs of Indians and foreigners visit Puri to witness this exorbitant yatra dedicated to Lord Vishnu, his sister Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra as its believed that a glimpse of the idols in the chariot can promise a prosperous year ahead. The Ratha carts are approximately 45 feet high and pulled by thousands who congregate at Puri for this annual event from India and around the world. www.e-visaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian Visa

A paradise for ornithologists, the pear shaped Chilika lake is a prominent tourist spot in Orissa. It is the largest salt water lake in Asia. With wide variety of flora and fauna, fisheries and salt pans, this lake sets best as a place to experience nature. Chirping of wide variety of native and migratory birds and sight of Irrawaddy dolphins is sure to make visitors delighted.

Renowned for peaceful vicinity and sand sculptures by internationally known Sudarshan Patnaik, Puri Beach offers panoramic view of local life of Puri. Enjoying boat ride during sunset and paying homage to Lord Jagannath by taking dip in the holy water is virtuous. The beach is located 35 kms from Jagannath temple.

Crafts owning heritage village famous for its Pattachitra Paintings and many other arts like palm leaf engraving, papier mache, wood and stone carvings and the predecessor of Odissi dance style that is Gotipua folk dance, Raghurajpur Village boasts of being the only place where Patas (traditional adornment of Lord Jagannath’s throne) is made.

Puri is home to many beautiful temples known for magnificent architecture. Gundicha Mandir, regarded as the place of Lord Jagannath's aunt, is a holy place where God resides for seven days the Rath Yatra during festival. Lakshmi Temple, Markandeswara temple, Vimala Temple, Lokanath Temple, Ganesh Temple, Sakshi Gopal Temple, Alarnatha Temple are temples with great spiritual significance.

Apart from temples, Puri also has beautiful serene beaches where one can enjoy. Swargadwar Beach, Astaranga Beach, Baliharachandi Beach, Baleshwar Beach, Balighai beach are prominent beaches where visitors like to spend some quality time during their Puri expedition. Obtaining an Indian visa for your expedition to India is now quick and easy. Tourist e-visa can be applied for the same.



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