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Dreaming of visiting India after COVID-19?

COVID Corona became reason to stop travel Indian VISA application

When we say COVID-19 then automatically comes in mind a bigger storm of pain across the world which affected everything from A to Z (whether personal life or professional, person’s life to each business type). There was not a single thing in world which was un-touch from corona. Travel and tourism matter was also one of them, which totally ruined due to corona.

For going out of nation, every visitor need to have e VISA or regular VISA to make connectivity with other countries to fulfil tasks, but while rapid growth of this dangerous disease every country putted lockdown and restricted exit and entry with own nations. Like other, Indian VISA online process also stopped for the precautions point of view.

Once a day, Whole World will be overcome of Corona (COVID-19) and will re-start visiting other countries like foreigners into India with their VISA

 “A light comes definite after a deep dark”,                                                               

Indians believe in above slogan, their beliefs, values, a honest heartiest pray to god and also doctors are continuously showing hard work and paying a bigger contribution in corona fight altogether.  Indian keep faith in positive thinking and wondering whole world corona free and restart the life processes again.

Get aware little brief about VISA to India Online 

In today’s developed and educational timings, everybody is fully aware about the VISA applications matters well, so telling little bit here in this article to make it informative 100%. As everybody know about Indian VISA, simply a legal permit given by Indian Government, to every international foreigner out of India. From India, legal authorities give this legal VISA to 150+ countries approximately.

Due to the rapid development, e VISA is highly in running comparison of regular visa (if visitor has the short term purpose) and e VISA is the electronic travel authority which is painless and cheap VISA. It’s a smooth, simple and pocket friendly way to apply for Indian VISA.  It’s categorising in three parts:

*Tourist e VISA

*Business e VISA

*Medical e VISA

What is the exact validity for the VISA to India?

Well it’s legally fixed by Indian authorities as the validity for the VISA towards India is up to 1 year (365 days), where the foreign visitor can stay once for 30 to 180 days with multi entries.

India is mostly famous and single platform, mix of its high quality medical techniques, production, machinery techniques, education, natural beauty, temples, forts, statues, historical places, hill areas and yes of-course delicious unlimited foods more, where foreigners can fulfil their purposes (like short time medical matters like check-ups, holidays span, sightseeing) easily in assured resultant way and in budget too. Visitors can go easier for Indian VISA application for any type of VISA according to your requirement (out of Medical e VISA/Tourist and Travel VISA/Business related VISA/). It’s a great achievement for everybody across the world to experience the best things in India to make the purposes result oriented as well as enjoyable.

Why foreigners love India visit? And can continue in 2021

In last few years, India now became a most beautiful and demanding place to visit which is loved by all foreigners. Foreigners also experience the various special things with India like as;

*Why do foreigners love tourism system in India

India Travel System and Indian e VISA policies processes are so buttery to hold, because Indian authority made e VISA utility online which is for sure available for short time but hassle free and easy to apply online without so many formalities, allows fly quickly without waiting long time for VISA.

And if we talk about travel and tourism within India then it’s a most supportive country where Indians considers international visitors not only guest but also a responsibility. AT every stage, if required Indians become their guide and sometimes protector too as a part of family. That’s why, foreigners love India so much.

India lover foreigners need not to wait for long time now, as per Indian authority guidelines, expected to restart the Indian VISA processes one again.

*Which places do foreigners like to visit? 

From snow wrapped hills to sweltering deserts, splashing beaches full of sparkling beautiful waves, statues made for respectable history men, forts for memorising ancient queen king, adventure, honeymoon places which pampers loved couples, spiritual places famous Indian beliefs and values, safari rides for wild life, natural beauties of tourist forests and many more rest etc. All are the attractive and unique reason for foreigners to desperately love Indian and stay here. All places are typical to explain so know about at least top places.

*Agra TAJMAHAL, a huge attractive building, with white marble, made in Mughal times for love signs and others are forts as Akbar’s Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri, most lovable tourist place.

Agra famous FOOD is a sweet named PETHA multiple varieties and tasty Mughlai food too.

*Goa famous for multiple forts, 51 white sandy beaches, palm tree, low tax rate, musically dancing floor, cuisine, especially in limelight for night life at cruise and more.

FOOD in Goa as cashew nuts are famous and fenny (a unique and special drink), seafood like gaon pork, xitti kodi (fish curry loaded with spices and coconut and raw mango to make it tangy and served with rice and more), Goa is an ultimate enjoyable relaxing and loving honey moon stoppage for all loved ones across world.

*Delhi life is in itself a unique thing to experience. It a large scale city with unlimited places to visit, means it keeps their visitors totally busy. Places are like science museum, doll museum, red fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Temples like lotus temple, aksherdham, kalkajii mandir, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, gurudwara bangla sahib famous for langar too, kingdom of dream, gurugram as technology hub, raghat and sheetala temple, casino, night life is also active here and more n number of places to visit.

Shopping places are sarojini market, cannaught place and more.

FOOD in Delhi with unlimited varieties will bring water in mouth.

More cities are to visit like Jammu & Kashmir, Kerela, Rajasthan, Ooty, Shimla and Nainital as hill stations, Andaman, Sikkim, Udaipur and many more are there to visit. Whenever any tourist come to India, special hotel are available which welcome them with heartiest feelings and shows special respect and support them with the feeling of acceptance till the windup of them.

Along with that all places foods are tasty and hygienically safe.

So, conclusively, not sure but whenever Indian V ISA application will be active again, everybody will have to follow the instructions under the guidelines of Indian authorities, as corona COVID-19 protocol of safety like distance socially, hand sanitizing, and mask wearing, gloves etc. Keep yourself secure while future travelling to India and also in India.

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posted on Oct-18-2019