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Five best adventurous activities in Gujarat for tourists

Gujarat is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India, as it has innumerable sites famous for vibrant, colourful temples, lip-smacking cuisines, intriguing historical places and above all adventurous activities. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free.

This godly-blessed land has a lot to please its adventure-seeker tourists, which is why it is always brimmed with them no matter what the season is. These adventurous sports add the colour of adrenaline in the blood of thrill lovers, making them feel energetic and risk-loving ones.

So, let’s straight come to the point and know the top five thrilling sports in Gujarat for tourists so that you can prepare yourself better for them and have a ball without any hesitation.

Five most famous adventurous sports in Gujarat for an adrenaline-pumping experience:


1. Wild safari

Trekking and seeing wild animals like lions is a treat itself. This heavenly-blessed land is bordered by innumerable hill ranges, thus being the finest place trekking. Places like Sahyadri, Girnar and Saputura and the best sites to go trekking and fill your veins with adrenaline.

It’s like drinking the thickest drop of nature beauty when indulging in such adventure activities. And Gujarat is the only place in the world that is home to Asiatic lions. So, hire a jeep with your friends and see vicious wild animals like jackals, leopards, eagle, deer and so on.

So, give your heart a thrill and raise the heartbeat of your friend group in a positive way and make them feel that life is not limited only to the hustle and bustle of the city life, in fact, the best way to live life is to keep exploring the hidden beauty of nature lies in such beautiful, lush green forests.


2. River rafting

Another option that can fulfil the desire of adventure seekers in Gujarat is river rafting. People take part in such thrilling activities in the Narmada river, flowing through the mainland of the state.

It’s a 5 km adrenaline-pumping experience, starting from Godbole Gate to Suryakund near Khalwani, this water sport has become the first and last choice of many tourists coming here.

You just have a make a group of daring friends and have a positive attitude and take part in such thrilling activities to know how daring you all are. The places where you can find this sport are Vadodara and Ahmedabad.

3. Skydiving

Skydiving is the best adventurous sports if you want to know how strong your heart is. And the good news is that skydiving is easily available in Gujarat for tourists, whether domestic or international. Most people who take part in it are foreigners; however, this air fly sport is also making its way to the heart of Indian youngsters. 

There is a lakeside city in Gujarat called Deesa, which is the ideal place for this activity. Those who choose to take part in this thrilling sport have to dive from a height of over 13,000 feet, also including free fall for a minute before gradually descending.

When you go for skydiving, you see the marvellous landscapes and beautiful view of the city. So, next time, you must add this thrilling sport to your list so that you can fully explore Gujarat by squeezing every drop of sweet risks.

4. Rock climbing

It’s almost impossible to understand the hidden beauty of Gujarat unless you take part in spine-tingling sports like rock climbing. All you have to do is to gather some confidence and pack your bag for Idar, which is famous for rock climbing in Gujarat. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours

Adventure lovers see the enchanting beauty of the area when they choose this sport. It becomes very harder for a soft-hearted person to go for this because of the innumerable boulders made of granite, but a positive attitude works wonders in such a complicated situation. This way, you will also be able to know yourself better in terms of taking risks.

The most interesting thing about such sports is that they look frightening, but it is also the thing that has the essence of adrenaline because it gives us a hair-raising experience for our whole life. The way you go to a museum to see the artefacts of a historical place, the same you explore nature beauty when you give a nod to rock climbing.

5. Water skiing

Water skiing is one of the most famous adrenaline-pumping sports in the world, and almost every country close the coastal area arranges this water activity to please its tourists. If you are going to attend business meeting in India, then are you are suggested to apply Indian business visa online today. 

The same goes in Gujarat whose Mandvi beach, famous for its cleanliness and pristine look, which has made arrangements for its water sport lover fanatics. But, before you try one, you’d better take full precautions, especially if doing for the first time. You mustn’t do anything that can put you in danger and prone to injuries.

The joy of getting into the ocean and coming back speed with the waves can be the biggest thrilling experience of your life, and your friends will speak highly of you for their whole whom you convinced to take part in.

From locals to international tourists, everybody finds this activity a must-do in Mandvi, which is why more and more arrangements are done day by day to make it more thrilling and safer for adventure lovers. 


Let’s sum up

This blog familiarized you with the five best adventurous sports in Gujarat for thrill lovers. Our list comprises thrilling activities like water skiing, rock climbing,

If you are planning to taste the thrilling experience of Gujarat as a foreigner, then you must apply for an Indian visa online to receive its electronic form to enter India in the least time.

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