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Get specialized medical treatment in India with Indian medical visa

The Government of India has introduced the E medical visa for foreign nationals over the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India for extended periods. The great healthcare and technologically advanced equipment pull in patients from both developing constantly countries.

Further, the affordable convenience and accommodation industry not to mention the available interpreters make Indian clinics a great choice for some patients worldwide.

International travelers who desire to go for treatment under the Indian system of Medicine or some other specialized medical treatment in reputed and recognized emergency clinics or treatment centers in India can apply for the Indian Medical Visa or Electronic Medical Visa through online visa application system.

Are you eligible?

It critical to note that the Indian e-Medical Visa online is available for Nationals of 165 countries around the globe. As a candidate, you may check the complete rundown of Eligible Country for Indian Medical Visa to know whether you can apply for the e-medical visa or not.

The eligibility criteria for Indian e-Medical visa are -

Before you can apply for the e-medical visa to India,

  • It should be clear that you have made the underlying medical guidance in your own country and you have then been recommended to pursue specialist treatment in India. You'll need that referral letter.
  • You must be seeking medical attention just in a recognized foundation which specializes in the treatment of the condition.
  • If you seek medical treatment from a specialist not recognized and licensed by the Indian government, your e-medical visa application will be unsuccessful.

The accompanying rundown of ailments would be of essential consideration: serious ailments like neurosurgery; ophthalmic disorders; heart-related problems; renal disorders; organ transplantation; congenital disorders; gene-therapy; radiotherapy; plastic surgery; joint replacement, among other ailments.

Note that you won't be granted the medical visa for India for surrogacy. Another significant thing that you should know is that not more than two attendants (just blood relatives) are allowed to go with the candidate under separate Medical attendant visas and just the transient Medical mission trips are permitted.

This electronic visa for medical reasons is non-convertible and non-extendable.


  • The legitimacy of Indian e-Medical Visa will be 60 days from the appearance date in India.
  • Indian e-Visa for Medical excursions can be available for a limit of 2 times per year.
  • Triple entry is permitted for Indian E-Medical Visa.

Documents Required for Medical Visa

Coming up next are the Indian Medical Visa requirements -

  • A clear and colored scanned duplicate of the Passport of the traveler in PDF, JPG or PNG design with not more than 3 MB of size. The identification ought to have two clear pages that will be used by the migration officer in the air terminal for clearance and stepping of the visa on appearance. The name on the identification should be the same you use of the application structure.
  • You will likewise transfer an identification sized recent photo of you. A white foundation would be preferable for a clear view of your face.
  • A letter on the letterhead of the Hospital in India that shows that the candidate has been advised to go for specialized medical treatment.

Indian e-Medical Visa Fees

You need to pay two types of fees for urgent Indian Medical Visa, Indian Government e-Visa Fee and Visa Service Fee. The Service fee is charged for helping you to get the e-medical Visa as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. Government fee is charged by the arrangement of the Government of India. The Service fee is charged for helping you to get the e-medical Visa as quick as could be expected under the circumstances. Government fee is charged by the arrangement of the Government of India.

Entry ports

The Indian e-Visa is substantial for entry through 28 designated Airports and 5 designated seaports.

Regular Paper Visa

On the off chance that you belong to a country for which e-visa isn't applicable then you would have to apply for a regular paper visa on your identification. There is a 3 step procedure for this which is as per the following:

1. Fill the application structure online.

2. Present your application with required documents at Indian Visa Application Center or at Indian Mission.

3. Collect your identification/visa from Indian Mission/Visa Application Center or by post.

Documents Required for Indian Visa

  • Identification with half year legitimacy
  • Recent Passport size photos
  • Copy of identification
  • Duplicate of online Visa application structure
  • Verification of Residential Address
  • Recommendation from home country doctor to visit specific specialized medical center for treatment
  • Medical documents of the treatments that are done
  • Identification duplicate of attendant (for Indian e medical Attendant visa)
  • Verification of relationship with attendant (for Attendant visas)

Visa Invitation Letter from the Hospital in India where treatment is planned. Just the government approved clinics will fit the bill for getting medical visa for the patient and the attendants. Once you have submitted the visa invite from a clinic changing of the medical clinic after showing up in India isn't permitted.

On the off chance that the visa is for more than 180 days, then registration is compulsory inside 14 days of appearance in India.

Medical E-Visa

Currently the nationals of 166 countries can profit the e-visa office for traveling to India. The E-Visa is applicable for Medical Treatment for the patient just as the attendant. The procedure for getting e-visa is as per the following:

1. Apply Online. Transfer the visa page and photograph of yours.

2. Pay E-visa fee online by credit/debit card/Netbanking/payment wallet.

3. Receive ETA Online Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA is sent to your e-mail.

4. Fly To India with the printed ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where eVisa will be stamped on visa.

5. E-Visa has 5 sub-categories viz. e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Medical Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa. A foreigner (other than those applying for e-Conference Visa) will be allowed to club activities permitted under these categories. Foreigners applying for e-Conference visa will be permitted to club the activities permitted under e-Tourist visa as it were. Just two e-Medical Attendant Visas will be granted against one e-Medical Visa.

6. For e-Medical and e-Medical Attendant Applicants of the eligible countries/territories may apply online least 4 days in advance of the date of appearance with a window of 120 days. Example: If you are applying on first Sept then candidate can select appearance date from fifth Sept to second Jan.

7. Recent forward looking photo with white foundation and photograph page of Passport containing personal details like name, date of birth, ethnicity, expiry date etc are to be uploaded compulsorily by the candidate. Moreover one more document depending upon the e-Visa type would likewise be required to be uploaded. The application is liable to be rejected if the uploaded documents and photo are not satisfactory/as per specification.

Cross check all the documents required and submit the application on time to get the Indian medical visa.

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