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Havelock Island is well connected to Port Blair via Government and private ferries, seaplanes and helicopter. It houses famous and beautiful beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapather Beach and Vijaynagar Beachwww.e-visaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian Visa

Dazzling sea shores, lagoons and thick mangrove woodlands, intriguing trek courses inside the woods, number of uncommon birds that visit the island, unmatched diving sites, intricate coral reefs and vivid oceanic life all contribute in making Havelock a gem for tourism. The primary submerged attractions of the beaches, other than the corals, are turtles, eels, seahorses, dolphins and if karma licenses sharks. Another famous submerged action is strolling among marine creatures while wearing a protective cap. The site for ocean strolling is a little off the bank of elephant sea shore, and like scuba plunging a PADI confirmed mentor will give you fundamental guidelines and preparing in shallow waters before they take you to the site.

Drifting and Kayaking is available for the individuals who would prefer not to dive into the water yet at the same time need to encounter the excellence of the water. Outings can be made to destinations with corals or to conspicuous jumping spots like the aquarium. Kayaking is additionally an exciting encounter, and as you push through the mangrove timberlands you will find a totally extraordinary and staggering side to the island.

Neil Island, known as vegetable bowl of Andaman is an overload of beautiful unexplored coral reefs, marine miscellany, extended beaches and greenery. The noiseless beaches are perfect to relax and chill away from city hustles.

8th most beautiful beach in the world, Radhanagar Beach, with lots of visitors every year is definitely the paradise of Havelock. It is a place for adventure lovers as it offers many adventure activities like swimming, parasailing, boating, snorkeling and best of all is scuba diving as one can experience coral reefs and marine animals with proximity.

Along with water sports, one can visit Elephant Beach for kayaking, trekking and bird watching. Heavenly coral reefs, mesmerizing underwater life, beautiful sunset and sunrise, and pristine landscape makes this beach one of the most pleasing spot to be visited in Havelock.

The only active volcano of South East Asia is located in Barren Island which is at a distance of 138 kms from Port Blair and can be visited only on approval by the Forest Department. One can visit the place for sightseeing or nature stroll. A sea plane ride can also be experienced to enjoy the aerial view of this place.

Calmness, sunbathing, photography and relaxed swimming are major attractions of Vijaynagar Beach located in north-east part of Havelock Islands. Native birds, Mahua and palm trees in surroundings make the place much more magnificent. Water sports are not yet present here. 

Other beautiful beaches include Merk Bay, Laxmanpur, Long Island, Guitar Island, Lalaji Bay Beach, Kala Pathar and Bharatpur. Exotic just-caught seafood, luxury resorts, serenity in vicinity, availability of adventure sport in most of the prime locations, jungle treks and camping makes Havelock a heaven for beach lovers.

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