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How to apply for business visa in India?

Are you going for India for business purpose? Do you want to set up business in India? Then, you need a business visa. Visiting India for business purpose is really a common thing for one and all. Every business person needs an Indian E Business visa to perform any kind of business. A business depends on the nature of work that will perform in the country. So, India is a perfect destination for business purpose. Luckily, all business persons get a legal business visa. India is one of the best destinations that issue the electronic visas for the foreign nationals. Hence, it is very necessary for business people to have business visa while doing business in India. The documentation process for Business visa to India is very simple and fast, so every business person can plan to run any kind of business easily.

Business Visa is valid for these business trips-

While visiting India for business purpose, you should describe the nature of work. So you can go for next step for your business trip. You can do below business trip purposes with an electronic India business visa-

  1. Arranging business meetings, events and gatherings
  2. Meetings with customers, business associates and partners
  3. Delivering products or services
  4. Providing advice, making implementing or offering other business services
  5. Recruiting personnel

Validity duration for E business visa for India-

If a foreign national is planning to setup a business or any industry or planning to come to India for business purpose, you should follow declared conditions by Indian government. Indian E Business visa is granted by Indian government for the foreign citizens for ten years along with multiple entry facilities. From 2019 year, all electronic business visas for India are valid for 365 days. Within that period, you can stay in India for the period of 180 days. In the case of urgent Indian business visa, the applicants can go for a proper discussion with Indian missions. The missions provide the permission to the foreign nationals to stay in India for maximum period. The missions generally provide the maximum staying period of five years in India.

Extra requirements for business trips to India-

Before applying for E Business Visa for India for a business purpose, applicants need to study all the conditions and terms and conditions. Business Visa to India is very easy to get, if you follow the visa guidelines properly and complete the requirements in the right ways. The documents required for business visa should be completed as per the rules of Indian government.  If you apply for a business visa online, it will be an appropriate option for you. So you need to make a proper study of Indian government guidelines for Indian visa for your preferred business.

Making entry into the employment with an Indian company

Those foreign nationals, who want to enter with paid labors with an Indian company, are not considered business people. They have to use their business visa stamped with the passport.  So this business visa will be valid for business persons for staying in India for their business purpose for maximum period of 180 days per year.

Visa Extension-

A business visa is granted by Indian mission for the foreign citizens less than five years, it can be extended for a maximum period of five years along with below conditions-

1-The gross turnover for the trading activities should not be less than 1 crore per year.

2- The first extension of business visa will be granted by the ministry of home affairs.

3-If the extension of business visa is denied, the applicants will have India forthwith with the period of expiry of the validity of business visa.

By following above process, a foreign national can go for Indian E business visa for running any kind of business easily. Traveling India for a business purpose is really very easy, so everyone can get a business visa for doing a business successfully. Business  eVisa to India is very simple process for all kinds of business people, so getting an Indian visa is very simplified process. While traveling India for a business trip, it is very necessary for you to carry all documents for all times. Thus, you can protect your time and money.  Applying visa to India online is very easy and suitable process, thus you can get a visa for performing preferred business in India.

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