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How to get an E-visa for India?

Indian Visa is a kind of document or say, a key that allows you to enter the country for visits owing to any purpose. Your purpose can be related to an excursion, a business meet, some study plans or anything else. Whatever be your purpose, you can easily obtain a visa and enjoy your visit to India. Visas are something which are not accessible in India on landing. Rather you should apply ahead of time to your visit to India.

Visas are said to accommodate your passport and must be presented at the airport terminal at the landing time. If you wish to explore India and its wide cultural background, you need to take the call for visa application beforehand.

Regular Visa or E-visa

All visitors to India require a visa except the residents of Nepal and Bhutan. Visitors can now enjoy the choice between regular and e-visa. An e-visa is easy to obtain and served the purpose of your visit to India. Unlike the regular visa, Indian E visa justifies the short term visit to the country. Previously, separate visa are required for medical, student or business purposes. Nowadays, Indian Government had widened the scope of visa scheme and allowed short term e-visa to give a big relief to the visitors to India.

With the changing times, Indian Government had created one-month, one-year and five-year e-visas for the tourists. This is done to make the process of getting Indian visa online easy and bring more business and medical people into the country as tourists.

Who can apply for E-visa?

Passport holders of around 165 countries are allowed to enter India with an e-visa. It includes countries like Argentina, Germany, Colombia, Hong Kong, Norway, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and lots more.

The Indian e visa service is not available for the persons having their origin in Pakistan. For such tourists, regular visa facility is permitted.

How to get an E-visa?

Make the online application on the official handle of the Indian Government visa department. Try to apply for e-visa in no less than 4 days and not more than 30 days before your travel date. Submit all the paper work including your travel details and photograph. Pay the fee online using your debit or credit card. After payment, you will receive an application ID and your ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) into your email.

You have to carry your ETA and present it at the immigration counter, once you visit India. During your entry into the country, your biometric data will also be taken by the airport authorities.

What is the visa fee?

Well, the visa fee depends upon the nature of the relationship between your country and India. Some countries citizens are allowed to visit India free of cost without any visa fees. Also, different fees are charged from different countries. For more details, you need to check out the Indian visa website of Indian Government.

In case, you need visa in a hurry or want to know more about the e-visa services, you can get in touch with a legitimate and reliable Indian visa service provider. You will surely get the required assistance in no time.

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posted on Nov-19-2019