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How to get an Indian Visa for different purposes?

Visa is really an important document for the foreign nationals, if they are planning to visit India. Indian visa gives the permission to the foreign citizens to enter the country legally. For immense years, massive foreign tourists are travelling to India for various purposes such as tourism, business, employment, medical, and several more purposes. Foreign citizens are first needed to get official permission to obtain an entry in India for any of these purposes which they can do through online easily. The government of India has made it easy through online. Any other country citizen can apply online to get Indian visa. Indian government has made many necessary amendments in Indian visa management, so Visa for India facility is available on official website on the Internet. Important things which are should to be noted carefully here are that an Indian visa matches three purposes such as business, medical, and tourism for a short duration of staying in the country. Or foreign citizens can get a regular visa for India.

Be careful before applying for Indian Visa-

Visa is extremely important to enter into a country or visit or travel a country for occupation, vacation, medical or any other purpose. If you are looking for traveling India from any other country, you need to apply for Tourist visa. Several tourists feel uncomfortable while applying for Indian Visa. So here we are going to explain a brief summary of Indian visa.

Tourist Visa for India-

The Tourist visa for India is an online traveling permission to travel India for tourism purposes. By getting an e-Tourist Indian visa, you can stay in the country for 30 days, 1 year and 5 year. This online visa facility is provided by Indian Government. Those people, who want to travel India, they should have an Indian visa.  Visa for India can be used for following purposes-

  1. Tourism
  2. Meeting friends/relatives
  3. Yoga retreat

Indian Business visa-

Indian Business visa is provided by Indian government for those people, who want to visit India for business purposes. Visa for India is a travelling authorization to get entry in India for business purposes for the duration of up to 180 days.      . Eligible foreign nationalists can apply for e-business visa for India for given below reasons-

  1. For trade, sale or purchase
  2. To attend business meetings
  3. To establish business venture or industry
  4. To recruit manpower
  5. To take part in business or trade affairs or business exhibitions

Indian e-Medical Visa-

Indian e-medical visa is an online traveling permission for foreign citizens, who want to enter the country for medical facility. This emergency visa to India is a short term visa which is granted to a person, who is looking for medical facility or treatment in India. The duration of Indian visa is valid only for sixty days from the time of entering into the country.

Indian Medical attendant visa

Indian medical visa is granted for those foreign citizens, who are looking for medical treatment or facilities in India. The foreign nationals can take treatment in India’s most well-known hospitals and centers. A medical attendant visa can be allowed to an attendant with the patient. He or she should have same blood group relation, then he or she can get Indian medical attendant visa. An Indian medical attendant visa will have the similar validity period as the medical visa has. In the case of emergency visa to India, the duration can be extended.

The government of India provides the initial period of validity on the medical visa to the foreign nationals for one year or the time of completing the treatment completely.  Indian medical attendant visa has the similar period of validity as the medical visa contains in India.

If you are planning to visit India, Visa is very necessary for you. Visa is an important document along with the passport to visit India for any kind of purposes. For business, tourism, and medical purposes, you need to apply separately for Indian visa. The process for visa to India is very simple, quick and trouble-free. If you face any kind of trouble, you can take online help from experts sitting online.

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