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Hurray Expected to resume Tourist eVISA to India now

What is Tourist VISA for India?

It’s a 100% valid permission, for Journeyers (travellers) from other countries into India. Tourism is very much essential for every country to grow it economically as well as accomplishing visitor tasks both. It can be possible for multiple countries to come in India by availing this Indian Tourist E VISA to India. Millions of backpackers or visitors come in India for multiple purposes like business/ medical treatments (as in India its best and cheap too)/ health check-ups/ IT employees shifted from their company sides to complete the projects/ family meets/ sightseeing/ holidays etc.

How to apply for Tourist VISA towards India?

Today’s is the quicker and modern time. Everybody is an IT person (directly or indirectly) in this world, means nobody can think him/herself without e processes (electronic processes) and fulfil almost requirements and activities via electronically. So when it comes to travel outside country then why not electronic way, here you can choose the best way of applying for Tourist VISA as says Tourist E VISA to India arrangement by Indian authorities.

Importance of Tourist Indian VISA

Above 10.04 million foreigners from multiple countries visited India till last few years. With a single Indian Tourist VISA, there could be possible various tasks for foreigners.

Who can apply for Online Indian Tourist VISA?

There is no limit; unlimited people from multiple countries can make a safe and rapid resultant journey;

*Foreign businessman- come India for meetings for collaboration, ideas and more to enlarge businesses strength.

*Foreign Medical experts and health professionals- visit India for their research/ conferences on critical health topics at highly reputed hospitals.

*Foreign Engineers with team (mechanical/software/electronic/electrical and others)- come to India on behalf of their country to complete the projects which has collaboration with India.

*Foreign Technical experts (sometimes called by India or visits on the behalf of their own nation companies) for technical machines (originated in foreign countries) installation/ sales and after sales services or repair of machines and factories and other processes.

*Some Foreign students- for educational conferences/ meets/ trainings and full education program because of India is famous for highly professional programs.

*Foreign patients who need instant Medical treatments, can hold Tourist Medical VISA to India or urgent evisa because India is having reputed hospitals with high quality medical techniques at low price comparatively other counties.

How to apply for Travel and Tourism VISA to India

Frankly speaking, in this competitive world, when we talk about being digital, e person, IT person, then how can we forget to apply Tourist electronic visa for India. So it’s a good idea to go ahead with Tourist e VISA to India.

There are much simple steps to get the tourism e VISA Online to India:

*Submit online application form with appropriate details.

*Upload recent photo and passport page

*Pay eVISA charges online via debit card/ credit card of other ways online.

*Get email for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and take a clear printout.

*Show this ETA copy at immigration at check-post where e-visa would be stamped on your passport.

Validity for Indian Tourist e-VISA Online

Electronic VISA has the favourable validity for 1 year (with single staying time of at least 30 days up to 90 days) with multiple entries.

Reasons, why to visit India for Tourism and Travel

India is ultimate beautiful country, mix of almost everything from its special colourful cultures to natural beauty (including of differ kind of places to visit, traditions and monuments like forts, temples, historical places, hill stations, temples, spiritual places etc. These things are signs of the India’s most representable ideas and opinions. N number of foreigner from various countries especially avails Online regular or Urgent Tourist VISA to enter in India so they can visit and enjoy the delightful monuments and places etc. Go through below part to know where the people can visit in India and make their visits memorable.

* Indian keeps faith in beliefs and values (truth, love, worship, respect, renunciation, liberal, dedication, non-violence, forbearance) here at the top most, to which especially foreigners come to India to experiences such values in Indians behaviour.

* India is full of enjoyable traditional culture like languages hindi, Bengali,malyalam, tamil, urdu and festivals as holi, diwali, raksha bandhan, dusshera  etc.

*There are special places to visit in India such as

Agra- Iconic Taj Mahal sign of true love.

New Delhi-

“Lotus Temple” famous for Radhey Krishan loved by unlimited foreigners,

“Swaminarayan Aksherdham Temple”, Hindu and spiritual place to worship, famous for unique water show and delicious,  yummy to tummy food at several food courts.

“Great Casinos and hotels” to stay with supportive staff with clean rooms and areas

“Science Museums” consisting of variants science memorable objects of old times.

“Doll Museum” with beautiful dolls collections which is unbelievable in itself.

Goa- famous for most enjoyable beaches, Forts, Tito’s street, Dudhsagar Waterfall, Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception to pray, Casino Cruise and many mores.

Udaipur- is a destination and capital of Mewar Rajasthan, famous for its beautiful lakes, lush green gardens, ancient historical forts, old temples, romantic place etc

Gujrat- famous for Statue of Liberty (Sardar Patel ji)

Moreover other cities also like Jaipur, Amritsar, Shimla, Nainital, Ooty, Kashmir, Kerela and unlimited more places.

10 top tasty Foods in India:

It is considered that food comes first from everything for everyone. India is a nation of several kind of different tasty and mouth-watering foods. India’s every different state and city environment is famous for their special tasty dishes, each food’s smell and taste shows the culture of their particular state like as;

  • Makke ki roti and sarso ka saag in PUNJAB
  • Dhokla in GUJRAT
  • Vada Pav in MAHARASTRA
  • Litti chokha in BIHAR
  • Dal Baati churma in RAJASTHAN
  • Doi Machh (special fish curry) in BENGAL
  • Phagshapa (dried pork fat cooked with turnip, radish and chillies), momos, thukpa, gundruk and sael roti in NEPAL
  • Hyderabad Biryani (a layered rice cooked with chicken, vegetables and nuts) in HYDERABAD
  • Kalaadi cheese (local hill cheese made by cow’s milk), other dishes are rogan josh, dum aaloo, yakhni, haak saag, gustaba and tabak maaz
  • Masala Dosa (fermented crepe made of rice batter is filled with potatoes and served with sambhar and coconut chutney) and other dishes are idlis, appam, rasam, chettinad chicken and pongal in TAMILNADU

And many more unlimited places give an attractive smell and taste made with luv for every Indian as well as foreigner to connect them together.

Conclusively, Lets hold hands together to experience the Indian special cultures for both Indians and international visitors. It’s the best choice to spend holidays, fulfil personal purposes and get diseases free too. India always welcome outside country people with love, care and respect by saying slogan “Atithis are like God, so Atithi Devo Bhave”. Finally, for making that bonding between all, it’s very essential part to take Travel and tourism VISA for visiting India.

Important Notice for all International Visitors because of COVID-19

In year 2020 January it was a sudden attack of a global Coronavirus COVID-19, an infectious dangerous disease. Slowly it has spreaded across all over world. Everybody in world was stuck and afraid. All countries travel and tourism system were also stopped. Every country government putted lockdown continuously to prevent and banned exit from houses. People were surviving

without recovery chances. It was affecting different person in different way. Old age, small kids and low immunity people were sinking with the diseases day by day but strong immunity people were able to fight and recovered without any treatment. First time because of COVID-19, everybody across world had the same pain. But finally approax after 1 year now, every country is recovering from COVID-19 and coming back on their tracks. India has recovered very well.

So in subject of tourism, according to Local Embassy/ Consulate, under the rule of Indian Government Authority, e-VISA application online probably expected to resume by 10th Feb 2021 and could be chances for the travelling again via Tourist eVISA, Business eVISA or Medical eVISA.


Just recommended by government to have a safe journey with mandatory precautions like social distancing, wearing mask and sanitizing the hands timely. So take care and travel with safety rules.

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