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Indian Places & Food Binds Foreigners with India

Indian Food, the Tasty Bridge between India and Foreigners

“After having a bite of Indian Food, close your eyes and feel the heaven”

Yes, it is true Indian Food is a unique achievement and famous across the world for its mouth melting (spicy, tangy, creamy, crunchy, sweetness) forever remembering taste, but just a step back i.e; need to have India VISA.

Generally Food is that survival thing which consider as GOD, especially when meet to hunger. India is a great hub for FOOD which is not only fulfils the appetite but also attract people even after finishing the hunger. Wherever we go out of home or country with any, food is common thing which runs with the person continuously in form of hunger, at that time, everyone thinks of best and yummy food should be available.

India is famous for traditional and other n number of foods varieties which directly touch the heart. Indian food gives a taste which retains on people tongue for forever even after leaving India. Millions billions foreign people choose India as one of the holiday destination just because of here unique food as KING OF TONGUE TASTE. Every year n number of international visitors enters in India for holiday or other purposes, because Indian food is famous across the world. Indian VISA holders are welcomed in India with heartiest respect, love, support as well as no doubt FOOD too. Foreigners with Urgent e VISA for India who enter India on urgent basis for instant/ emergency work (like business, family meets, educational conferences) also can have a taste who visit India because food is necessity .

Why Indian Food is so unique and special?

Yes, Indian food is definitely a pride in itself. It’s not unique in taste but also varieties mean several kind of food which is present only in India. India food is not satisfies the hunger and taste but also Indian Natural Food works as a Medicine for health if taken in right proportion at right time. For example: Sprouted Grains Chat is excellent for health and appetite both. India’s all states have their own differ taste foods to attract people collectively from all over the world.

How to choose India as Holiday or Tourist Destination?

Yes it’s a bigger and problematic decision to choose the perfect destination for the purposes fulfilment. But really, In last few years India has become a single selected and favourable destination for international people because of its places, monuments, techniques and of course delicious food.

Across India Several Places to Visit with tasty food are there as:

*Punjab, mix of 5 rivers, showing the really agriculture natural beauty, really brave bunch of people with hard sweet Punjabi  language and jolly nature, cheerful festivals, people wearing a religious cap named PUGRI. Further are their monumental and temples places to visit at Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Bathinda.

 The most waiting important part is yes, now Mouth Watering Punjabi FOOD, trust me, no one can stop themselves to have that like as Sarso Da Saag with Makke Di Roti, Buttery and creamy Lassi huge Glass, Chutney and tasty pickle made by grandmother, coming water in mouth while talking really. Most important part about this food is everything is homemade and directly got from natural process from local city some at home and some from agriculture land directly like green veggies for saag, butter from own dairy firms so it’s a perfect combination of health and heavenly taste.

*Goa, with 51 beaches, night life at hilltops and funky parties for couples and others, water falls, churches, temples, aquatic places, cruise, full of coconut trees locally, a breezy destination for holidays and honeymoon. Exclusive famous Goa Food is sea food, a drink fenny. It’s an ultimate place to enjoy beach restaurant food at night with candle as dinner, even foreigners visit out there lot and loved too.

*Agra is a bigger tourist place and loved by n numbers of foreigners and sign of historical king love for Mumtaz by Shah Jahan. Here also place Fateh Pur Sikri founded by Mughal emperor. Agra is also part of India, so no doubt all foods are delicious but special is there a sweet dish named “PETHA” in multiple varieties.

*Jammu & Kashmir, region famous for deep natural scenic beauty, flowers garden, apple forms and more to explore. Here the most special adventurous is houseboat in Srinagar, floating house on water called Shikara”, which gives an ultimate heaven feeling. Other attractive thing is handcrafted usable materials and world famous “Kashmiri Shawls”. If we talk about Famous Kashmir Food, then its Kashmiri Pulao or rice made with meat and spices and tangy flavour, must be unlimited delicious.

*Staute of Unity, the world largest statue or effigy of Vallabh Bhai Patel in GUJRAT, is an attractive asset of India to visit. And of course if visiting Gujrat then why not there food, which is Mango Shrikhand, Dhokla, Fafra, Dal Dhokli, Gujrati Samosa, Khandvi, Methi ka Thepla and most famous sweet dish is Basundi made with thickened milk with flavoured in cardamom and dry fruits

*Lucknow, famous for chiken embroidery work clothing for traditional dress which attracts tourist most, foreigners love that dresses, suit salwar. And all things are famous in also lucknow as being part of India. On Food part, every street food is extremely famous in all over India.

*Bihar, in the state of East India, Nepal border and divided by River Ganga, famous for Buddhist Temple, Mahavir Temple Sikh Gurudwara of Takht Sri Harmandir SahibJi. Exist Polite Sweet Hindi Lanuage of sweet, simple, supportive and yes intelligent people. Bihar famous Food Litti CHokha (Litti made of wheat flour with stuffing of sattu means gram flour with tangy flavour of red chilli pickle and garlic flavour and Chokha made with mixing of boiled potato, baked brinjal, tomato on fire with spices and adds mustard oil little bit for flavour).

*Naturopathy, could also be a best beneficial reason for foreigners to choose India to visit because it is a complete natural treatment with natural things (like tress leaves as Peepal, Neem, Mint, Tulsi, Belpatra, Papaya leaves and more and others things are like fruit and vegetables) without any chemical medicine. It’s a treatment which purifies the complete body from deep and removes all the toxins from body and again makes it clean and clear. It increases immunity by improving digesting system too. So foreigners, who are fatigue of their bad health, can at last try naturopathy to be healthy and fit. One of the healthy tasty and easy to digest food is in naturopathy is sprouted grain chat with chutney, lemon touch, little bit salty, tangy.

From above there could be so many causes like holidays, span quality time in India when international foreigners visits in India by holding their Indian VISA but if any one of them need medical hurry or any family funeral or any other urgent tasks at India then can go with Urgent Indian VISA.

For this just need to apply online and your Emergency VISA to India will allows you to enter in India to accomplish the work easily.

At this crucial time of corona COVID-19, everyone is waiting for this monster life taker disease’s destruction and ruin. We all have be together and keep patience for its windup finally, and soon can start up travelling systems with VISA application from India. Till then be safe and keep your family members safe at home.

“God is everything to run, so wait for his direction, definitely this corona will go out forever”

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