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Indian Visa Process-The Steps to get Indian Visa

Indian government has strict guidelines on Indian visa issuance and obtaining an Indian visa can be difficult depending on your requirements. Provided mandatory, complete and right documents are submitted, then a visa for India is issued by Indian government within 48 hours. The official government portal gives the permission for the submission of the applications to obtain Indian visa. And it is also necessary to list all compulsory documents along with visa application.  The Indian External Affairs Ministry has allowed all Indian legation department and high commissions to collect all visa applications from the foreign citizens and nationals.  Indian government has fixed the nominal visa fee that will be payable leaving people of some certain countries such as Burundi and Mongolia who obtain free visas. In addition, a visa is not compulsory for traveling India for Bhutanese and Nepalese nationals.

A Brief Summary of India Visa-

A visa is a certified document that a government has verified the identification of a person, who is looking to enter the country. It is legally evidenced by Indian visa granted certified issued by Indian government attached to the passport of the applicant. Visa for Indian is valid for a fixed period. Indian Visa gives the permission to a person for staying in the country for a fixed period. The visa period cannot exceed more than 180 days.  In the case of emergency visa to India, people can go for a full study of Indian government website. Then they can apply for Indian visa in the case of emergency.

The Steps to obtain an Indian Visa-

Indian government portal has explained the steps on visa applications, the mode of submission, and kind of visa appropriate on the reasons of traveling the country.

If you’re planning to visit India either for traveling or business purposes, then you will need the right kind of Indian visa. This procedure for visa for India can create much confusion, hurdle, and headache for immense applications as the procedure can come into view rather multifaceted if you have not dealt rightly. So, you can get some important steps to get Indian visa easily.

Step1- Apply for the right kind of visa from the beginning

The required part make more delays are those people, who are applying for tourist visa for a tour, they are really commencing for business purposes. In such cases, the Indian embassy will change the kind of Indian visa required. So on the part of the visa application or form where it declares what your purpose is, make sure that you have marked correctly “Business” of Tourism”. Applying for a mix of visa application can create errors.

Step2-Go for sufficient time for Indian visa application

If you’re planning to visit India, then make sure that you should have visa before going for flight bookings and ensuring a commitment to a date. Indian visa can be processed as fast as three working days and no fast. This is possible to get an Indian business visa in a day. Perfectly a two week time frame is the secured time that is required to get Indian visa easily.

Step3-Be careful while declaring profession

There are different applications that embassy are very sensitive and can need more detailed and full information. If you’re any of the following: Actor/actress, policeman, civil servant, social worker, media executive, pilot, cabin crew, solicitor, journalist, publisher, writer, you should have a letter from your employer that declares you will visit India for vacation purposes and won’t be carrying out any kind of work. If you have all these additional documents, you can get Indian visa quickly.

Step4-Inform the embassy, if you’re leaving and re-entering India within eight week period

For those people, who are planning a side tour to another country during their tours to India such for example for travelling China, Sri Lanka, and Nepal and then you need to come India again, then as per the New embassy rules and regulations, you should declare this detailed information in your application. You will do necessary relevant paperwork for entering the country again. For this purpose, you need to submit evidence documents of your tour travelling to India. In the case of emergency visa to India, you must go through the official website of Indian government for visa application.

Step5- Make sure all business visa letters are complete and right

For business people, who’re applying for an Indian Business visa, you should make sure that all the letters are complete, accurate and right. Make sure that each letter includes the following detail such as complete name of the passport holder, the right passport number, travelling date, right purpose of the visit and the visa kind needed. This process can help you to get a visa for India. Thus, you can apply for Indian visa easily.

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