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Let’s accomplish your tasks in India by holding Tourist VISA for India


VISA to travel India for multiple purposes is named as Tourist VISA for India. Where foreigners are permitted to come to India to obtain their respective purposes.

Tourist VISA to India is mainly of two types as one is Tourist E VISA for India and Tourist regular VISA to India.

If India is your essential and required work completion country?
Thinking how to go to India and accomplish the tasks? 
do not worry, just can apply for Tourist Indian VISA and get 100% safer and supportive way from any corner of the world, from any country hassle-free

What does exactly Tourist VISA to India?

For every foreign visitor, it’s mandatory to get Indian Tourist VISA through which they can enter India to obtain their willing or needed objects.

Tourist E VISA India

Simply saying, e VISA is a cheap electronic online Indian Tourist VISA, which allows international people to travel to India for a small staying period. It is a very smooth procedure to apply online. There are no so many formalities during the application. For this, candidates need not send his/her original passport by courier or also no headache to make multiple visits to the embassy for visa confirmation.

Foreigners can easily hold Indian Tourist E VISA for a small period of staying for many purposes like for tourism/ health check-up/ medical objective for small-time/ meeting to friends, family/businesses.

How long is the Tourist Indian e-visa valid

Indian tourism e VISA generally has the validity up to 365 days from the day approval electronically for VISA. This tourism VISA towards India can be valid for continuous staying time from 30 days up to 90 days with multiple entries.

So no issue its a safer and quicker mode to get Tourist VISA for India without any pain

Criteria to apply for Tourist e VISA for India

The foreigner who wants to get an Indian tourist e VISA should have at least 6 months validity during the period of permission of the e-visa given. The international visitor should have a return ticket too or onwards journey ticket with him/her. Along with that much enough money should be kept by the visitor to stay in India for easier survival.

Urgent Tourist VISA to India 

Foreigners who have Emergency purposes in India can fulfill only by e-VISA Indian online

Urgent India VISA processing can be avail by foreigners who have the purpose of medical emergency/tourist/business/conferences/medical attendant Indian VISA. These candidates can apply for eVISA India online through which all processing goes faster and can meet VISA in 24 hours minimum and 72 hours maximum possibly.

The process to apply for e Visa to India

*Go online, next upload your passport detailed page with recent photos and required docs.

*Make a safe payment via debit or credit card or another way online.

*Check out ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) by mail and take a printout to show at an immigration check post where the passport will be stamped for a visa.

Tourist Regular VISA to India

For a long time staying purpose in India, foreigner visitors need to apply for Tourist regular VISA for India. This permits user having a visa for 3 months to 6 months (with multiple entries non-extendable and non-convertible) to accomplish any of the willing purposes like recreation/ friend meets/ medical treatment/ business meets/ sightseeing/ monuments visiting across India/ Watching all Indian religious places in holidays/intension to experience highly famous slogan “Atithi Devo Bhawe” in Indian behaviors etc.

Definitely, a foreign visitor has to apply for a regular tourist VISA for India who really has time-consuming purposes occurs in India.

People who got declined from e VISA to India can also apply for Indian Tourist VISA regular

How long is the Tourist Indian Regular VISA valid?

Regular Tourist VISA for India is considered valid for 1 year (365 days) from the day of VISA approval. This regular VISA for India has the rules validity for staying consistently up to maximum 180 days (more than e visa- up to 90 days maximum). Under which candidate from other countries can visit multiple times and consume proper time to obtain purposes accomplished.

Process to obtain Regular Tourist VISA towards India

*Applicant has to show truly signed passport, consisting of one Xerox copy of the detailed information page of visitor’s passport.

*Applicant’s passport must be valid up to 6 month from the date of visa permission granted.

*Application could be applied before 3 months to arrive in India.

Process to apply regular VISA in India

*Start with online application form filling safely with right details

*Take a printout of that application filled form and attach all required documents like ID proof/ Residence proof/ photograph on form with self-attested/ income sound proof/ profession proof.

*Submit this form to Indian VISA application center (IVAC) or Indian Mission

*Receive your Passport/VISA by post

Who can apply for Tourist VISA for India?

Travelers visiting India with multiple purposes can avail the utility of either Tourist e VISA to India or regular VISA according to their requirement and purposes or time they want to spend in India.

It could be possible for every country people across the world (approx 129 countries can apply for Indian VISA)

Why apply for Tourist VISA in India eVISA or regular?

India is truly a unique and single country which has faith in people emotions and creative spiritual thoughts. People across the world’s countries willingly visit India (a country known for love and religious thoughts). Also foreigners desperately come here to avail India’s best medical facilities at cheap rate with high excellent technologies by holding Medical VISA to India. There are more purposes which can possibly accomplish by only having a VISA to India.

“Answer to a very important query mostly asked in articles, so here you are solved it.

How long does my Indian visa need to be active after I have entered into India?
Can I travel to India with less than 6 month passport validation?

No issue, if we talk about India immigration, then it is considered that the candidate should have the passport validation till the travel day whether it’s the expiry day, nothing else issue would be there regarding this but suggestion is to take a proper validation before leaving from your own nation, means strong suggestion not to take a risk, so have a Tourist VISA for India properly with proper passport validation.

“Finally, no one is restricted to apply for Tourist VISA for India, in fact, it can be avail by everyone who can easily complete the simple processes and ruled formalities and have a warm welcome in India.”

COVID aspects during travel to India

“Due to COVID, as per Indian Central Government, keeping circumstances in mind, people are restricted to visit India for their knowingly or unknowingly purposes but still if they need to come then they have to show their non-corona positive recent reports to get final confirmation to enter in India”





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