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Major Factors That Make India a Popular Medical Tourism Hub

General Tourism is going to other countries for fun and memories. In contrast, medical tourism leans more towards maintaining good health in life with the help of experts from other countries. The 21st century has made everything accessible to all, from which healthcare services and renowned technology are also not excluded. With online medical visas to India, India yearly welcomes a troop of 2 million international tourists from disparate countries. The primary sources of this income are the developed countries like US and UK, where no stone is left unturned for securing their citizen's lives.

27 Famous Hospitals Pan India contribute towards maintaining this influx of patients to India and offer them the top tier services which cannot be imagined. The NAB (National Accreditation Board) is also looking forward to teaching its efforts in providing accreditation to more hospitals across India to serve in this cause.

Market Growth of Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism in India is growing at a large rate and is supposed to be at its highest peak in the upcoming years. The speciality of Indian medical services is their pocket-friendly rates and top services that are the cause of numerous successful recoveries. Our services, knowledge and experience add to the chances of the patient's recovery, and their pocket remains heavy as well. Our expertise costs them 1/10th of what it costs in their own home countries, and this is a huge thing for them.

In dire situations, person book medical visa for India for expertise that can alter or save their lives. They cannot afford the same quality of services in their own country, and this is a major factor influencing the people around the world to come to India.

The reasons behind India being popular for medical tourism

What if you could save 60% of the medical expenses by getting medical care somewhere else than usual? Would you go for it, right? Well, this is the mentality for all people as well. They come here because they can save a huge amount of expenses.

Besides, they do not have to compromise about the quality of services as well as our knowledge of medical science dates back to centuries.

Medical Visas are easy to get

People often find medical visas very hard to get because it takes a long time for the same. The periods of providing visas have considerably increased and keeping in mind the life-threatening situations of the clients, and the visas are handed over faster than usual. These kinds of patients are facing hard problems and life complications where expert help is needed as soon as possible. Late attention to such conditions can result in permanent disabilities or death.

Though, some people will not be able to get visas that easily. People from underdeveloped countries will not get medical visas to India easily. Like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Ghana. We have established authorities over the visa system in a way that we ensure that whoever is in dire need of visas should get their visas on time without any added hassles. These timely procedures have saved eternal lives and are likely to save much more in the future if these processes are followed in the same way.

No Long Queues for Surgeries

Okay, you got the visa; you came to India, Now what? What is the difference between a slow visa and a slow surgery schedule? Nothing, because ultimately it is the patient who is at a loss. This is what India always prevents and gets the surgeries done as fast as possible. These kinds of fast surgeries avoid complicated situations for the clients, ensuring their perfect health within a stipulated amount of time.

Sometimes, people also choose India for their medical care because they are tired of waiting in their own country, and India has always known to be a welcoming nation.

State-of-the-art services and care

India has been recognized as a developing nation for decades. Even though our medical care has entered into a fully developed mode than arises for help whenever someone needs it. Urgent medical visa for India is the result of this knowledge and readiness to serve. We also offer western-style modifications to make the patient feel at home and commence to bring out their best health. In many hospitals, we also provide services like language translators to ensure zero miscommunication and create a home for the patients.

The doctors are also well trained in western top universities or Indian universities with top knowledge to ensure the standards of services that should always be maintained. English is not part of the language barrier issues as they speak fluent English as well.

Ancient Therapies with a modern approach

No matter how much modern science tightens its grip, but the ancient medicine will always be the base of the Indian medical systems. We provide a variety of services like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, sound therapy, and yoga which have taken birth in India itself. These techniques also work well for post-recovery measures of its patients.

Medical care sometimes is not always about medicines, machines and techniques, and the Indian healthcare system provides a whole new aspect to healing. The psychological aspects of healing are great in their way.

Major Opportunities for travelling

India though has always been showcased as a country of chaos, holds tranquility in its boundaries which are great to explore when you come to India. Situational magic is also a positive psychological impact on the patient's minds and unveils many possibilities of fast healing. India has many diverse cultures and traditions which are fun to experience, best to remember and even better to implement in our lives. No amount of glory can define the beauty of India and a medical tourism venture in India is the best way to explore what India has to show you!


Superlative medical treatment is the only reason why the flow of people has been navigating to India. Along with medical treatment, the people who come here feel an attachment towards the doctors and people who take care of them as it is not merely professional, healthcare for us relates to emotional well-being as well. Last, in the year 2017, the people coming to visit India were 4.45 lakh. Can you guess what the number is now?

The hospitals in India provide almost all treatments and these hospitals a reputation to always help their patients recover in the best way possible. We hope you see the benefits of coming to India for your next medical emergency!

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