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Top 10 Reasons to visit India

Know India with deep and visit India with E VISA to India

India, blend from fascinating natural beauties in hills and water fall to technology (scientific, methodological, engineering, medical). Internationally it’s a unique famous country. It’s a officially a republic of India, capital of New Delhi, constitutes 28 states and 8 union territories dazzling country,

International visitors need to avail Indian e VISA through which they can easily enter in India. In today’s world everybody believes in being technical and IT person and also a quicker for every action, not liking long- time consuming things (until not necessary), so keeping the same in view, Indian government authorities invented e VISA for India (ETA-Electronic Travel Authorisation) in November 2014 to make VISA obtaining process online and easier.

India, single country which provides utility to travel to India to make connectivity to accomplishing foreigners tasks in economical way and technically sound way, which is favourable of all people across the world, so Indian Govt made this facility for various countries to get welcomed in India to make a bond only by holding Indian e VISA.

Know Top 10 Reasons, Why foreigners love to visit India?

As discussed above, India, great gift for whole the world which should not missed by people to visit. In fact, foreigners also feel that they can fulfil their various tasks at very low budget and in an excellent manner by holding the VISA for time consuming tasks or if have emergency then can apply also urgent VISA for India to make an instant move towards India. Know causes why to visit India:-

  1. Indian’s Belief and Values has uniqueness as beliefs as all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Jainism and others. Indian lives with their values like acceptance, pride, innovativeness, politeness, respect, loyalty, supportive behaviour.

International people across the world especially visit India for experiencing all India unique qualities, Indian supportive behaviours by considering foreigners not as guest but also responsibility, makes environment friendly for them.

2. Indian’s Faith in Religious means a believe apart of science in God, many signs are presentable in India like as Sehastra dhara gandhak (a holi water) in Dehradun, jyoti in jwalaji, ramsetu in sea near shreelanka.

3. Indian’s Food, telling here about mouth-watering delicious foods showing the Indian culture and ancient each state has their special food like

  Delhi street food- mouth-watering, no-one can resist them if passing through the Delhi streets like as Golgappe, Tikki, Sprouted grain chat, chole-bhature, Poori- Aaloo ki sabji, Ram Ladoo, late night snack food parathas in paratha wali gali, butter chicken, kebab, Biryani, chole kulche in old delhi, kadhayi paneer, spicy veg chapatti rolls, momos, desserts like hot jalebi, Imerti and cool malai kulfi, nuterala chap for vegetarians give taste like non-veg, rajma-rice, chole-rice, kadhi-rice and many more etc. It’s an ultimate moving package walk together means wherever you are going, you will find several enough things together to eat by your choice.

Maharastra Food- Misal Pav, Vada Pav

Punjab Food- Makki DI Roti with Sarso Da Saag and lots of home made butter with Glass of Creamy Lassi, OMG trust me, just taste like a heaven, full of healthy, filling and top on taste.

West Bengal Food- The special tangy spicy Mutton Curry perfect for lunch, favourable by millions of visitors.

Gujarat Food-  Dhokla made with fermented batter of rice and split chickpea grains presentable with green coriander and mint, chilly chutney and also sweet n sour Imli chutney, can be eatable in breakfast or evening snacks too.

Tamilnadu Food- Pongal, made with rice, lentil food mainly known also a religious dish in honour of goddess and also easily digestible food.

Bihar Food- Litti Chokha (chokha made of boiled potato, brinjal, tomato with red chilli pickle for tangy flavour and little bit raw mustard oil added for differ flavour)

Goa Food famous for fenny a drink and sea foods

Rajasthan Food- Daal Bhati Churma

And many other cities famous in India for their culture foods which have non-finished varieties.

 4. Indian Holistic Rivers as Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Indus and more which has holistic water and believed its water as a medicine as well as blessings.

5. Indian Culture- which has different cast people with different languages, trend of different dresses , festivals and also with state-wise food too.

6. Indian festivals are themselves a point of attraction for foreigners, loved all festival Holi of colours sign of a victory over evil, Diwali again for victory, light and sweets festival, Raksha Bandhan sign of love between brother and sisters and more across India in each state.

7. Indian botany famous for unlimited Herbs (Mint, Neem, Peepal) has medicinal values and also known as goddess like TULSI, beautiful flowers, trees etc

8. Indian consisting

9. Indian Historical places sign of history people places, geography like monuments, forts, temples etc and natural beauties like as of sightseeing hills, waterfalls, safari, wild life etc

10. Indian Naturopathy and Ayurveda, a special reason here to visit India in one is Ayurveda is a natural medicine procedure and Naturopathy means directly treats their patients with natural plants leaves and things from a lady kitchen only, no need to go out of home for special things, treats without chemical medicine.

So these above are the same reasons which foreigners love, but rest are unlimited, not possible to explain in single article.

Little Bit get aware about e VISA through which entering in India is possible

Online E- VISA applicable for smaller time but budget friendly and trouble free with the validity of 1 year and single staying period of up-to 180 days with multiple entries, no need to have so much pain like regular VISA. It can be smoothly obtained only by filling online form and uploading of passport detailed page+ recent photo + and docs). Later that, applicant gets email for ETA which need to print on clear paper to show at the timing of check-post to stamped on passport.

Electronic VISA is categorised in three parts: For people ease, it’s broken in three categories as per the requirement

* E Business VISA to India, applicable for short time business projects and meets, valid for 365 days, with single staying period up to 180 days.

* E Tourist VISA to India, applicable for sight-seeing/ holidays/ honeymoons/ family and friends meets and related purposes and valid for again 365 days with one time stay up to 90 days.

*E Medical VISA  to India, applicable for medical treatments/ heath check-ups with validity of 365 days with single staying up to 60 days. In an instant treatment required patient can apply also for emergency VISA to India.

Conclusively, hope this article will be helpful and informative 100%, only thing to understand, once COVID-19, Corona will be vanished, definitely travel life will start again by holding Online e VISA to India with safety rules against COVID-19 strictly no doubt to say.

“Keep Going and Changing is the Rule of Nature and World, so Never Feel  Failure” 
Means, once this CORONA will be faded and completely get finish off. Be safe

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