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Top 8 Bewitching Waterfalls in India For Your Summer Vacation

Are you finding some natural scenic and bewitching places to visit on this coming summer in the year 2020? Well, then you must come to India because here, you will be able to eyewitness the bewitching and enchanting waterfalls that originate from the beautiful picturesque ice glaciers that melt and turn into magnificent waterfallsIndian Visa helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.  These waterfalls swing in down from the mountains to river after awaking from the long sleep. The beginning of summer decorates the whole valley with a cool breeze and sparkling waterfalls, meadows, lush green trees and beautiful diverse flowers.

Meanwhile, India is a country, which known for its hypnotizing waterfalls that comes down beautifully by producing a soothing sound that pleases every creature’s soul. Today, we have come with the top 8 bewitching waterfalls of India so that we can make your vacation wonderful.

1. The Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka

The Kunchikal Falls is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1,493ft and second highest in Asia. The waterfall is situated near Agumbe in Shimoga district of Karnatakain India. This valley receives heavy rainfall that is why it has a permanent rain forest research station. Apart from that, you can find nearby waterfall by the name of the Varahi river that lies in the Western Ghats. The waterfall is famous for its Indian bullfrog, Giant Indian Squirrel and unique birds, rare reptiles and wild animals.

2. Nohkalikai Falls

The Nohkalikai Falls is one of the highest falls near Cherrapunji, in Meghalaya. It is counted as the 3rd highest waterfalls with 1,120ft in India, and famous for rainfalls, living bridges, hills, and oranges. In Meghalaya, you will also find the Nohsngithiang falls and Kynrem falls, which are also counted in the topmost waterfalls of India.

3. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar is the fifth-highest falls with 1020ft in India. Its waterfalls are also called The Sea of Milk. It is one of the best tourist attractions of Goa apart from its exotic beaches and lakes. In the monsoon season, the waterfalls transformed into the most exotic and powerful falls, as listed among the top 100 falls of the world.

4. Meenmutty Waterfalls

The Meenmutty Waterfalls is situated in Kerala, known as the most beautiful falls in India. It is one of the tallest waterfalls with the height around 980ft in Wayanad district. It is one of the bewitching waterfalls and often attracts tourists around the world in south India. The peak is famous for its spectacular wilderness in the whole of India.

5. Thalaiyar Waterfalls

Thalaiyar Waterfalls is the widest falls in Dindigul district, Tamilnadu. The waterfall is counted as the tallest falls in Asia with a height of 974ft. It has unexposed places, dark caves, and dangerous places.  If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through Indian E Visa

6. Jog Falls

The breath-taking and spectacular Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi river in the Sharavathi valley of the Shimoga district in Karnataka, India. Sharavathi is the most impressive and enchanting waterfall with a height of 829ft. And, the Barkana falls is another fall in Karnataka, which is created by the Sita river. However, it makes wonderful sightseeing for the tourist who visits India to witness the natural beauty.

7. The Barehipani Waterfall

The enchanting, picturesque waterfall in the core of Simlipal National Park, Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. The fall gorgeous and surrounded by wildness and deep forest, which makes it one of the unrealistic waterfalls. The two-tiered fall is come from the Bay of Bengal. Moreover, it is counted by the most attractive and revising state of India.

8. Hebbe Falls, Kemmanagundi

Hebbe Falls is amongst the other 35 falls is known for its exotic location. The waterfall is situated in the Chikmagalur district in West Karnataka. To reach on this fall, will take 8 hours’ drive from Bangalore. The road of Karnataka will make your journey enthusiastic and scenic.

Apart from its beauty, Hebbe falls is also known for its medicinal herbs, which offers healing proportions to make medicines. Moreover, the Hebbe fall also attracts biologists and scientists around the world. If you are an International traveler and interested to visit India then you need valid Indian Visa to enter in India. 

However, if you want to explore the waterfalls in India, then you must visit India this summer so that you can explore the waterfalls wonderfully.



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