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Top FAQs for Indian VISA Holders

FAQ 1: What do you mean by Indian VISA?

Answer: Indian VISA, a document or a certificate on the basis of passport allowed to the person to enter to visit or stay in India for specific or long period. It gives the permission to the applicant to visit India with the validity of specific time.

FAQ 2: What is the Difference between Regular Indian VISA and E VISA for India

Answer: Regular One is a bigger headache to get but provided for long time and e VISA process is smart and smooth but for small period.

FAQ 3: What does Regular VISA towards India?

Answer: Regular India VISA gives the permission to travel international people with long time, for entering into India for accomplishing various valid purposes.

FAQ 4: How long the Regular VISA valid for?

Answer:  Valid up to 10 years depending on the nationality. Regular Tourist VISA to India is allowed for at least 3 months up to 6 months. There can be single, double, multiple entries as per requirement and non-expendable and non-convertible.

FAQ 5: What are the criteria to apply Regular VISA for India ?
Who can apply for Regular Tourist VISA?

Answer: * International people with the purpose of sightseeing/ friends and family meets/holidays purpose can apply for it.

*The person, if not qualified for travelling with Indian e VISA, then need to go ahead with Regular one.

FAQ 6: What are the processes fixed for Regular VISA for India?

Answer: There are three steps involved in it:

STEP 1: Apply Online

Need to fill and submit online Application Form with safety from the legal site.

STEP 2: Submit Document

After filling form, the applicant has to take a printout of form and attach all the required documents and need to submit this hard copy of all docs and form to (IVAC)Indian VISA Application Center or directly at the mission on the fixed date.

STEP 3: Receive Passport, VISA

Collect passport/ VISA from the office of Indian Mission/ VISA Application Center

FAQ 7: What does e VISA to India?

Answer: It means ETA electronic travel authority, which is started by Indian Government in November 2014 for the foreigners to get in India for various purposes such as business/ tourism or medical. While the process of e VISA, not require submitting the passport or other documents as it is submitted online.

FAQ 15: If a foreigner has an emergency medical issues then ? 

Answer: In that case patient can apply for Emergency VISA to India (Process within 1 to 3 days) and easily available on urgent basis. It is possible with simple steps like pay online application fee, next fill the form completely, schedule the appointment for the earliest available date, last received email for online appointment, if approved by consulate.

FAQ 8: How long validity Indian e VISA holds?

Answer: Its validity is up to 1 year. One time staying period is up to 180 days.

FAQ 9:  What is the criteria for e VISA?

Answer:  Its totally painless and quick procedure comparative of regular one.

*Apply online means go to the valid website and fill the form correctly.

*Upload passport information pages.

*Upload colour recent photograph

*Pay evisa fee online via your debit or Credit card or payment wallet.

*Received ETA on your email-id

*Take a printout to show at check post immigration to get stamped on passport.

FAQ 10: How long does Indian e VISA take to process?

Answer: It takes up to 5 days and less time with fewer prices

FAQ 11: Who can apply Indian e VISA?

Answer: The international visitors who want to come for shorter time with small purposes like family, friends meets, business, tourist, holidays for little time, sightseeing, small health check-ups as medical purposes etc.

FAQ 12: Is this possible to get e VISA on urgent basis or within 24 hours towards India?

Answer: Yes, definitely, Indian Government made one utility for those who have urgent work and desperate to come to India called Urgent Indian VISA through fast track VISA services online within 1 to 3 days.

FAQ: 11 What are the categories of Electronic VISA to visit India?

Answer: There are 3 e-VISA towards India utility such as;

*Tourist e VISA, for casual meets with friends and family members, holidays span, visiting to monuments and so on.

*Medical e VISA, specifically apply for medical purposes for small period like small medical treatments or health check-ups and related to that.

*Business e VISA, particularly for small business meets or taking ideas from India.

FAQ 12: How long is the Indian e VISA valid for?

Answer: It’s valid for 1 year (365 days), Business and Tourism e VISA both with multiple entries. Business one allows one time stay for 180 days, where tourist e visa up to 90 days and medical visa e up to 60 days (with three entries).

FAQ 13: Is there any limit of visiting to India with multi entry visits?

Answer: No, there is no limit. Visitor can visit many times as required.

FAQ16: Is there any extra charge for emergency or urgent e visa process to India?

Answer: Indian Government makes no provision for charging extra fees for giving Urgent e VISA for India and for more you can go with the website of Bureau of Immigration.

FAQ 17: Is visiting India beneficial?

Answer: Yes for sure, India is the unique and single country loved by all foreigners. Millions of foreigners visit every year for their holiday and honeymoons. They fulfil their n number of tasks in India like as visiting at various tourist places with yummy to tummy food, friends and family meetings, medical treatments because of hi-fi medical science techniques, honeymoons, business enlargements and more. Mostly lovable India’s unique culture, beliefs, values, Indians behaviour, monuments etc.

Important Thing to Be Noticed : As we all know due to COVID-19, travelling processes are not in run now days. But someone said “no problem stays forever”, it will be windup once for sure and world will be corona free as earlier. Then people will again allow visiting across the world. Similarly foreigners India lover will be capable to come India for their variant objectives soon, but with the guidelines given by the Indian government means safety and security (mask, sanitizer, social distance and more).

Conclusively, tried to make this article for all people (regarding Indian VISA) 100% informative and supportive too whenever anyone need information on India’s VISA processes and other thing. Sometimes suddenly articles presented in online market prove helpful and result oriented too. That’s all; there is no other motive behind that. Life is important than everything. So, always keep safety lines in mind against CORONA COVID-19 while visiting in future towards India by holding Indian VISA as per requirement, be safe.



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