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What is Medical VISA for India?

Simply applying for Medical VISA to India is just mean to opt India for Medical treatment for various health issues. In other ways you can say, getting permission to travel to India for patient’s for any disease treatment. In India a rare and important part is that along with patient two attendants also can travel with their separate Medical Attendant VISA. It could be possible for any country’s people to choose Medical VISA for India. Indian government make this utility possible for all over world people. It’s a great and social cause made by India to make world diseases free.

Why is Medical VISA to India is valuable and unique option?

God give us all a beautiful, healthy body and soul. Today’s bad eating and unscheduled eating habits our body is affecting day by day and being sick. Even after keeping body safe and secure we never know, because future is uncertain, any time health problems can knock uncertainly at our body door. In that case, affected people desperately seek for the relevant and also pocket friendly treatment. Here get aware about having valuable Medical VISA Indian:

*UNIQUE and Cheap

Yes, India is mainly known as unique as well as cheap platform for every respective patient from any country. Where, any country patient can treat themselves in an excellent and budget friendly way.

*Superb and Unique Technologies for all country patients

In all over world, there are available Medical best treatments, but basically as per comparison part, government of India, avails most effective way for Superb Medical treatment, in India.

*Emergency Medical VISA for India

From all over world patients who get known too late about their diseases and ready to get quick treatment, can easily apply for Emergency Medical VISA Online or other way.
It could be an intelligent option for applying Medical Indian VISA for every patient. And also it is essential and effective too for every other country patients to get Medical E VISA for their definite diseases resolving treatments.
*Easy documentation and formalities

Government of India makes every procedure and policies easier and almost possible for every visitor guest patient to acquire Indian Medical VISA.

*Cheap flight for One Attendant

As mentioned above Govt. of India allows two attendants with patient, out of that one attendant can choose low budget flight to travel to India.

*Ultimate Medical Solution in India

Yes After surveying in all over world health treatment conditions and charges online, it has been proved India is a cheaper and quicker mode of medical treatment for every respective one.

So conclusively, anyone can acquire Indian treatment and become healthy again to enjoy their lives. So what are you waiting for? If suffering from hard diseases, can be go ahead to make yourself healthy again.

Essential Requirement Documentation

Easy Documentation requirement which needed in applying Medical VISA for India is like:


Original passport is asked with attested Xerox copy of patient’s passport. This passport should be signed surely and also have the validity upto 1 year. Also you are needed to leave 2-3 blank pages for further Medical VISA formalities for some other documentation like stamps and other too in passport.

*Residential Proof with ID Proof:

Residential proof can be submitted in form of bills like electricity bill/ phone bill/ water bill.


It’s mandatory to stick recent photograph (passport size color) on plain background page. Just make it sure as there should not be any scar or staple marks on page. Apart of that 3-4 photos need to keep for whole process.

* Application form for Medical Indian Treatment VISA

Needed candidates can go online to apply for Medical Health VISA on India website “Regular VISA application” and surely start the process quickly. Members need to fill out the form and signed it properly. As instructed, make sure the sign on application should be same as in passport. Differ sign can raise a problem. Candidate has to take two printouts of application form and has to signed, on first page, below the attached photograph and on second page at the bottom of the form.

*Proof of Financially sound

Measure the financially eligible. It means whether the patient has the capacity to bear the treatment cost easily or not. For that patient need to give 3 months bank statement or any other document which shows applicants sound financially.

*Referred Letter from patient Nation

To start the procedure of Medical VISA for India, applicant has to submit the referred letter for medical treatment from his/ her nation of being sick and referred to India in particular hospital.

*Proof of Profession

Proper letter or document give as certificate by organisation employer or if patient is student then ID card should be attached with application form from his school or institution.

Listed diseases for patient who applies for Medical VISA to India

Govt authorities fixed a list for international patients under which suffered patients can visit India for getting well treatment which could be treated well:

*Heart Surgery


*Ayurveda Treatment seeker

*Congenital disorders

*Plastic Surgery

*Joint Replacement

*Radio Therapy

*Renal Problems

*Gene Therapy

*Organ Transplant

Eligible Patient Criteria

Indian authorities checks out situations and purpose whether the coming guest international patient is relevant by going through whole process before approving for Medial VISA for India. They do it by analysing a proof of being sick by going through a document issued in his own country.


Generally it is depend on the time which needs to be fine for patient. Important and valuable thing to be noticed, time allowed to extend basically from 6 month to 1 year under the guidelines given by State Govt policy of India.

Indian Government special concern for International patients

Sometimes guest patients visitors gets afraid of applying for Medial VISA for India (because they are new to India as guest), but it’s not like that. India has procedure to get welcomed every other country people as Indian believe in “Atithi Devo Bhawe”. The way of treating the patients in India is smooth, respective and hassle free too, so any of country can apply for easy and urgent Medical VISA for India.

Indian government spread instructions to every reputed listed hospital to give the best and resultant treatment, so that valuable international patients can wave happily and in a healthier way when they go back healthy to their respective countries.

So it’s a best and financially effective way to get rid of any big diseases by having Online Medical VISA to India for all over countries. Let’s respect this god gifted beautiful soul by making it healthy economically.


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