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What is the difference between traditional & regular e visa India?

The India visa demand is increasing in leaps and bounds all over the world. The major reasons for its desire are the cheerful and welcoming culture of India, its serene, enthralling beauty, innumerable golden opportunities to set up and run a business, advanced medical facilities at an affordable price in the company of English-speaking and warm-hearted doctors and medical staff and the shade of diverse culture.

And, the good news is that getting an Indian visa is very simple. The government of India made obtaining a visa for India without a hitch by launching e-visa India (electronic visa) facility. Here, one can apply for the evisa India and get it online on the email address. The foreigner must have a valid passport and the printed copy of the India visa before entering India.

The Indian e visa is given to the foreigner who is coming to India for tourism, medical and business purposes. The visitor coming for medical reasons needs to apply for Indian medical visa, the visitor coming for tourism reasons needs to apply for e tourist visa India and the foreigner coming for business purposes has to apply for the Indian business visa.

Moreover, you can also apply for a traditional or regular Indian visa. Here, you have to visit the Indian consulate in your country. You have to submit all your necessary documents there. The benefit of a regular India visa is that it is valid for 10 years and costs around $100, and its drawback is that it takes a much longer time to proceed. You need to get an appointment fixed before you get to the Indian embassy to get this visa.

Must be kept in mind: if your grandparents, parents or spouse are from Pakistan and hold Pakistani citizenship, then you are not eligible for Indian eVisa. You have to go to the nearest Indian embassy in your country and apply for a regular Indian visa.

Having told you about the Indian E visa and Indian regular visa to some extent, we are about to tell you the India visa process according to each one of them:

Indian normal visa process:

To apply for a regular or normal India visa, you have to go through these three steps given below:

Step 1: tap in your details in the normal visa application form online

Here, you have to put your information in the online regular application form. First, you need to know your India visit purpose, as it will determine your visa type and the Indian Mission which is closest to you; this is the very place where you will have your visa appointment.

After that, you need to upload a recent photo of yours as per the Indian government’s guidelines. The whole process is completed online. If you have somebody accompanying you, then they need a separate form.

You must remember that your online application form can’t be modified after its submission. If you make any mistake, then you need to go through the whole process again. Furthermore, you must keep the Application ID for further communications.

Step 2: take a print out of the form and fix an appointment with the Indian Mission

On the completion of the application form, you will be asked to choose one of two options:

The first one is to fix an appointment and pay the application fee online, and the second is to only print the application form after completing it and take it to the nearest Indian Mission to submit it with other necessary supporting documents.

If you go for the first one, then you will have to select the date and time of the appointment with the nearest Indian Mission. After that, you need to pay the calculated fee, which consists of visa basic fee, special fee, service fee, VAT and so on. The visa fee is according to the type of visa you are applying for.

if you are planning for the second option, then you need to visit the Indian Mission to get more information about their total visa fee and directly fix a visa appointment there.

Step 3 go to the appointment meeting

Take all your documents and the printed copy of the application form to the Indian Mission for the appointment. The documents you need are according to the type of visa you have chosen. But you must have your valid passport, and if somebody accompanying you, they must have their own valid passport too.

In case of more than one applicant for the Indian visa, every applicant needs to have a separate appointment with the officers of the Indian Mission.

On the completion of the appointment, you will need to wait for at least 3 days for the visa result.

Indian E visa process:

In comparison to the regular Indian visa, the e visa India process is quite simple. Indian E visa also consists of three simple steps given below:

Step 1: fill up the online application form

Tap in your information details in your online application form, which includes your scanned passport bio-page and the latest front-facing photo.

Step 2: get the confirmation and additional document requirements

Having filled up the form, you must check the form again to ensure exactness. After that, you need to choose the payment method as per your choice and convenience and perform the payment process.

Step 3: receive your Indian evisa

After completing the form, you will get an email address verification message.  You have to verify your email ID, after that, the visa will be sent to your verified email address electronically.

Let’s conclude all

In this article, we told you about the difference between normal/traditional/regular and Indian e visa. Although we have given you a great amount of information, you mustn’t be overconfident in filling up the form on your own, as even a minor mistake can lead to the application rejection.

So, contact us and get your visa approved and come to India smilingly. If you any doubt or confusion hovering behind you, then feel free to reach us. 



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posted on Aug-28-2019