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Why you should go to Himachal Pradesh on Honeymoon, 7 reasons

There is no word in this world that can describe the heavenly allure of Himachal Pradesh. Its lush green forests, flowing lakes, snow-capped mountains and warm-hearted people leave a long-lasting impression upon the minds of the tourists visiting this place. We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online.

Spending time here with your better half means you both will strengthen your love, which will be the best memories of your life. The romantic atmosphere of this heavenly destination is ideal for newly-married couples who come here for their honeymoon. That’s why it is always brimmed with honeymooning couples.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have prepared a list to prove why Himachal Pradesh is the best honeymoon destination for newly-wed couples.

7 reasons that make Himachal your perfect honeymoon destination:


1. The relaxing waterfall sound of Manali:

Manali, known as the honeymoon capital of India, is the most chosen honeymoon point in this snow state. It has a wide variety to please every tourist no matter what their interest is.

If you want to experience some thrill in your veins, then hiking, rafting, skiing and many other sports will give you thrilling memories. And, if you are a peace lover, then spending time holding the hand of your beloved at Jogini waterfalls will calm the nerves of both of you and take you to the world, no less than a paradise.

The pleasant view of the Beas River will make you forget Switzerland and fill your mind with solace and romance.

2. Squeeze every drop of romance in Khajjiar

Khajjiar is called the Switzerland of India due to its enchanting beauty. It is in a large meadow having a lake in the middle of that. A walk here with your special one holding their hands in your hands can be the prime moment of your life.

And, this lake becomes more beautiful with a small island on it, which gives its view a mesmerizing look. These lush green meadows tend to have a large number of tourists who also get absorbed in the glorious beauty of forests and tall mountains, which is a paradise for couples.

If you want to add some colour of thrill to your trip, then you can indulge in horse riding or zorbing to quench your interest and give your heartbeat a thrilling experience.

3. Gift your eyes with a view of Baret Valley

If you want to taste the finest flavour of serenity with your better half, then all you have to do is to go to Mandi district of Himachal and visit Barot Valley. Here, you will shake off the tension and stress that always lurk behind you from the fast life of cities.

This peaceful valley is located at the banks of the Uhl river whose water flowing makes it more beautiful. If you want to see some wild animals, then a visit to the Nargu Wildlife sanctuary is a must for you, which is located on the other side of this river.  If you want an urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours.

To become more romantic, you can set u a camp to spend your most memorable time with your beloved at the Thandi Golai site, just 2 km away from the main market of Barot.

4. Enjoy the coolness of the nature

There is a place called Gushaini, well known for being surrounded by thick forests, is in the Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The best thing about this place is that it is less crowded in comparison to other places in the state due to being away from the limelight.

A long walk with a view of the greenery around with your better half and express your love for them with romantic words is the ideal way to enjoy your honeymoon. You can see here many waterfalls here, which only a handful of people know that’s why it looks very pristine.

5. Enjoy the calm nature of hills

The best way to start your married life with your better half is to talk to them in a peaceful place to know their heart and desires to have an idea of their expectations from you.

Dharamshala, famous for Buddhist temples, is one of the most peaceful places in the country for this purpose. Tibetan people with their calming nature tend to be pleased when you give them an opportunity to serve their hospitality, as they express their gratitude and love by doing so because they fleeted from their own country during the war.

Seeing monasteries, learning meditation and explore the deep culture of Buddhism will also bless you and your beloved with some spiritual knowledge and power.

And, spending time in cafes and local food stalls here will allow you to have the best mouth-watering Tibetan foods that no other place in the country can give you.

6. Calm your nerves at Dalhousie

The tension-stricken city people spend millions of rupees to get rid of such an unbearable burden of strain, and most of them are recommended to spend time in a lush green place like Dalhousie, which is just a few Km away from Shimla. If you are an international traveller and curious to visit India, then you need a valid India visa to enter the country.

This isolated hamlet surrounded by beautiful mountains, thick forests and meadows gives the tensed nerves of tourists a pleasing experience when they spend time with their romantic partner in a hassle-free way. There are not many things to do here like in other places of the state, so you can sit here or have a walk here to take pollution-free air, which will calm your nerves and let you express your love to your beloved in a better and peaceful way.

7. Seek blessings in Ranikhet

If you hate crowds and look for a place filled with only a small number of people, visiting Ranikhet with your better half is the best way to enjoy your romantic trip.

The time spent here will be worth-remembering for your whole life and will always bring a smile upon your faces when thinking of it. You can also seek blessings to save your married life from any curse or something ill by taking blessings at Kalika and Jhula Devi temples for a perfect, tension-free and romantic married life. Ranikhet is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in India.



In this article, we told you about 7 reasons to plan your honeymoon in Himachal. This heavenly blessed state has a tremendous number of things from calming lakes, soothing sounds, lush green forests, snow-capped mountains and religious places, which make Himachal the best place in India for honeymoon.

If you want to come to India to taste the authentic beauty of the nature in India, then apply for a tourist e-visa in the category of the Indian visa.

If you need to know more about this, feel free to contact us.



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