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10 places you must see on your visit to India

10 places you must see on your visit to India

India had several holiday destinations to offer- some are historical sites while some are known for their cultural heritage. Among the huge list of vacation destinations, it’s quite hard to choose which one to visit and which one to avoid. To erase this ever growing confusion, here present a minimum of 10 destinations, which are a hard to miss.

Though, traveling is restricted in this corona times, still you can pick your choice beforehand. Once the things get back to normal, you can easily plan your vacation to India. To begin with, you can simply gather information about the famous places to visit in the country and about visa to India.

In this write-up, you can find information about the top ten places or say 10 places you must see on your visit to India. Let’s begin.

  1. Kashmir: It is one of the incredible places in India. Profoundly known as Heaven on Earth, its natural beauty is something, you can’t miss at all. From those picturesque aura, verdant meadows, beautiful lakes to pine forests, you will enjoy everything in Kashmir. In short, it is the ideal location for family trips, honeymoon travels and outing with friends. Even if you are looking for some adventure, you can enjoy trekking, skiing and other recreational activities.
  2. Ladakh: This is the made particularly for adventure lovers. Those who mark themselves as adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers can actually enjoy the lovely aura of Ladakh. Here, you will come across the high mountain passes, alpine lakes and India’s largest national park. Also, you can enjoy motorbiking, camping, river rafting and trekking in Ladakh.
  3. Delhi: If you are interested in exploring India’s glorious history and past, you can visit Delhi. Delhi, being the capital city, serves the perfect travel destinations to the traveling visiting India. This city will serve you everything from monuments, bazaars, scrumptious street food to luxury hotels and restaurants. Delhi is known to have some or the other thing for everyone. Thus, if you are looking to satisfy your shopping thirst or want something for kids to enjoy or mere looking for some activities to chill with; you are at the right place, i.e. in Delhi.
  4. Sikkim: For natural vistas and enthralling adventures, nothing is better than Sikkim. Known for its marvelous beauty, Sikkim is widely popular as the glittering gem of the North-East Himalayas. If you want to enjoy a laid-back holiday with a combination of enthralling adventure, Sikkim is the right choice for you. Also, if you want a calm and quiet place to rejuvenate yourself, Sikkim will serve you with old Buddhist monasteries.
  5. Meghalaya: India’s Northeastern part offers you another arena wherein you can explore spellbound natural beauty. Located in the lap of Khasi and Garo hills in the north east region of India, this place is popularly known as ‘Abode of Clouds’. Here you can discover lovely waterfalls, dense forests, mystic caves and wonderful rivers and lakes. For natural lovers, this place is like heaven. Also, this place allows you to be a part of the tribal life and tastes delicious local food. Want to make you travel experience unique in any way? If yes, try out the Meghalaya trip the next time you visit India.
  6. Kerela: Explore God’s own country i.e. Kerela and turn up your boring life with some colors. Kerela is widely known for its backwaters, beaches and cultural heritage. Tucked between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats, Kerela offers the most picturesque place that will fill your eyes and heart with immense natural beauty. This place is home to several scenic places and various wildlife sanctuaries. You can fill your camera with wonderful pictures of the places right from memorable houseboat journey to nature walks in the tea gardens. Of course, Kathakali dance performance and traditional Kerela dishes is hard to miss. Add on this place in your list while you are planning your next trip to India.
  7. Andaman: Enjoy array of water sports on one of the best beach destinations in India. Yes, you guessed it right. We are taking about the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This place is home to pristine beaches, azure, waters and dense forests. This island is widely known for its Radhanagar Beach, which is widely popular for honeymoon couples. Also, its azure waters make you experience the marine life with a deep insight. You can enjoy scuba diving and sea walking experience. Apart from these, you can fill memories while enjoying the sightseeing, camping under open sky and cooking you own piece of fresh fish or crab. Tempting right? What are you waiting for? Simply apply for Indian E Visa and come, explore the wonderful India.
  8. Goa: Goa is widely known for its beaches, nightlife and also, for its delicious food. It is one of the primary tourist attractions. Every year, thousands of tourists come and explore the gorgeous beaches, endless nightlife and world-heritages monuments and churches. Though, somehow, due to some traveling restrictions, Goa is missing its Global travelers a lot, but soon, with the grace of God, things will be fine. You can add on this place in your list for your next trip to India.
  9. Agra: How can you miss this? This place is something, which will attract you once you make a landing in India. The lovely, gorgeous, Taj Mahal in Agra is the unique spot, which you can’t even think to miss on your next voyage to India. Whether you are traveling alone to India or having someone special with you, you can’t resist missing the symbol of love i.e. Taj Mahal in Agra. Apart from this, Agra offers authentic and traditional Mughlai flavors which will make you dive into the colors of tradition.
  10. Varanasi: Of course, your trip to India is incomplete without the holy dip in the sacred river Ganga. Again, due to Covid restrictions, you can’t manage to do this right now. This place offers you a spiritual experience to explore the real you. You can also enjoy shopping in the city with some beautiful Banarasi Sarees for your loved ones.

The places to visit in India are many, but the above ones are something, which will surely call you again and again. While planning your visit to India, you must take necessary steps to apply for emergency visa to India.

Remember, while planning your trip, follow all the necessary precautions and try to strive to the terms and conditions outlined by the country. You can enjoy the beauty of the country only when you will be safe and healthy. Also, once you abide by the rules and regulations of visa and other things, you can truly enjoy your travel.

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