Apply Business Visa to India
Business E Visa for India: The Complete Guide

Business E Visa for India: The Complete Guide

Business is something that most people want to indulge in as a career or life. Because of the unlimited profits and unconditional working hours available for a business personality, more people tend to leave the tiring and unexciting positions of jobs and start their own business.

Just getting the idea and diving into the business is not enough to reach the goals; you must prepare all the necessary aspects required to build your business’ brand beforehand. After setting up the business, you have to grow it according to the needs and value of your services.

Fortunately, India is the most attractive nation for business personalities to grow or develop their business. As a result of the high population and abundant market region, India is probably the best place to have more sales and leads for any trade.

Due to this reason, many industrial tycoons from various developed countries visit India to get more sales of their products. For this, they get a Business visa that allows them to enter this nation and expand their business.

By going through this article, you will get all the relevant information about business visas to India. So, let us dive in.

Business eVisa for India

What is the India Business e Visa? 

The Indian business visa is an allowing card generally granted for people of other countries than India, which permits the holder to participate in business activities within the country. With the help of this visa, people can trade their products and expand their business. India’s e-business visa is a double-entry visa that usually offers a stay period of 180 days, starting from the first entry date.

What is an E-Business Visa for India?

E-business visa is a category under the three types of e-visa for India, and the window for the application of this visa was increased from 30 days to 120 days. This means foreign visitors can apply for an e-business visa before 120 days from their arrival date in India. But, business personalities should apply for the visa at least four days before their trip.

Generally, the visa applications are processed within four days, but in some cases, the time for processing may take longer.

How an E-Business Visa Works? 

Before applying for an e-business visa to India, visitors must know the way to use it correctly. Here you get some essential factors of it.

  • The validity period of an e-business visa for India is 180 days from the date of arrival.
  • This e-business visa is a double-entry visa.
  • This type of visa is non-convertible.
  • Visitors can apply for two e-visas in a year as a maximum.
  • Individuals must hold the necessary funds required during the stay in India.
  • Individuals must carry a copy of their permitted business e-visa India all the time to be away from any trouble.
  • Visitors should have a return ticket during the application for their e-Business visa.
  • Applicants must have an individual passport with them.
  • The e-Business visa never allows visitors to enter into the prohibited or containment areas.
  • The visitors should have a passport with a validity of 6 months from the arrival date in India. They must contain two blank pages for use during immigration or any related utilization.

Other requirements to obtain an e-Business visa for India are a business card, and the applicants must be prepared to answer several relevant questions during the interview procedure.

How to Use an E-Business Visa in a Correct Way?

It is imperative to correctly use the allotted e-Business visa to finish your planned works and development strategies that help your business. For this, you must know in what sectors that visa can be used, and here is the list where you can access it.

  • For sales or trade.
  • To attend any business-related meetings.
  • To plan or set up business ventures.
  • To share the tactics of business.
  • To recruit human resources for business.
  • To develop connections for an ongoing business project.

What is the Staying Period of E-Business Visa for India? 

As mentioned above, this e-business visa for India is a double-entry visa that permits a total stay of up to 180 days. This period is countable from the date of arrival in India. When you are required to increase the staying period after completing the allotted 180 days, you can apply for a consular visa to extend the staying time. With consular visa help, you can manage to stay longer than the permitted period and finish the work without any trouble.

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for an E-Business Visa for India? 

Although the process to apply for an e-business visa for India is easy, you will require the following documents to submit at the time of application:

  1. A digital copy of the bio page of your passport that should be in PDF format.
  2. A digital passport photo that should be in JPEG format.
  3. A copy of your business card that should be in PDF format.
  4. Credit/Debit card or PayPal account, which is necessary for the payment.

What is the Cost of an E-Business Visa for India? 

People from more than 150 countries apply business visa to India. The visa cost is not similar to everyone as it depends on various aspects like nationality and processing time. There are three options of processing time to select during the application for Visa, and they are

  1. Standard Processing: It is the most commonly used option because of being the cheapest among the three of them. This processing will take five days from the date of your application. However, the price varies according to nationality, and it ranges from USD 137.00 to USD 157.50.
  1. Rush Processing: As the name implies, this type of processing is ideal for people who want to clear the application as soon as possible. When you apply for an e-business visa with this processing time, it will take only three days to finish processing. However, the cost of this visa is higher and ranges from USD 167.00 to USD 187.50.
  1. Super Rush Processing: This type of processing is needed if you want a visa to fly with the next plane. This quick processing is helpful during emergencies where you will get the visa right after two days of application. As a result, the price for this processing time lies from USD 202.00 to USD 222.50.

With online applications’ availability, it has become much easier for the business personalities to enroll for e-business visa for India and enter this nation to expand their ongoing business and get more sales with increasing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to pay any extra fees during the application? 

No. The charges mentioned above include all service fees, and because of this, you don’t have to pay anything extra. However, if you want to register with your country’s embassy, there will be an additional fee, which can be useful during your trip.

  1. How will I receive the information on the completion of my e-business visa? 

Generally, you will receive the information through email after the completion of processing. So, it would be best if you were updated with your mail account.

  1. What happens if I make any mistake during the application? 

It is essential to note that once you apply, you can’t make any changes. Fortunately, you can contact for help from the customer support system, but we recommend you be extra careful during the application.

  1. What is the validity of an e-business visa for India?

The validity of this visa is about one year after its allotment. This means you can fly to India within that time.

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