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Enjoy Post corona travel in India

Enjoy Post corona travel in India

The day since corona virus had entered into the lives of the people worldwide; people have modified their way of living to a great extent. Not only this, Covid-19 had modified the traveling also. Both national and international travel got impacted due to the adverse effect of this pandemic. Like other foreign countries, India had formed up new travel rules and regulations for the visitors visiting India or planning to visit India for any purpose. The rules and regulations are designed to maintain the health standards in the country. In case, you are planning to visit India on E visa India, you need to follow the rules and regulations settled by the Indian government. The precautionary measures will help you to stay safe and healthy and enjoy India and its magnificent places.

This pandemic had forced the nations to put certain rules and regulations, keeping in mind the safety parameters. Among the rules, one such thing was institutional quarantine. Under this, if you are traveling to a foreign nation, you need to undergo a 14-day institutional quarantine or home quarantine to avoid the spread of the virus in any form. In case you are about to visit India on Indian E visa, you need to follow this rule. But as the situation is under control in some areas of the country, the government had lifted this regulation to much extent. Now, if you visit India, you need not to go under the 14-day quarantine. Instead, you can enter with a Covid-19 negative report with you while traveling to avoid any other limitations.

Since the vaccination distribution program that had already started in India, the Indian government had unlocked several places for the tourist. Now, several states are allowing the visitors from local to foreign nationals. By exercising some minor precautionary steps, you can easily enjoy traveling to your favorite destinations in the country. It’s just that carry the covid-19 negative report with you and follow the precautionary measures and you can enjoy those happy travel times again. Also, many destinations are allowing the visitors with the condition to have Arogya Setu app installed in their mobiles.

While you are making arrangements for your online Indian visa, you can just have a look at some of the destinations which are welcoming the tourist from all over the world. Let’s have a look at the conditions under which they are allowing the visitors. Here’s the list.

Goa: Goa, the beach state is now welcoming the travelers from all over the world. Here, you don’t need to carry any report or follow the quarantine rule. It’s just that be safe and follow safety measures while traveling for your own safety. It is always advisable to maintain social distance and use hand sanitizer on the go.

Himachal Pradesh: Those who wish to explore the mountains after so long can find the best stay in Himachal Pradesh. The majestic mountains in the state are welcoming the tourist without hindering the path with any sort of quarantine rules.

Uttarakhand: This state in India is known for its beautiful and peaceful aura. It is also a perfect option for mountain lovers. Uttarakhand government had also allowed the visitors to visit the state without going through any testing or quarantine rule. However, government of Uttarakhand had insisted the visitors to go through the registration process via its official portal.

Arunachal Pradesh: The state will allow the visitors after rapid antigen test turns negative. This test will be taken before entry into the state. Of course, you need to take the covid-19 test before entering into the country also. This will mark an uninterrupted traveling experience. Even if you turn out to be covid free via test report, it is suggested to maintain the stay via following all the preventive covid measures.

Pondicherry: This union territory is allowing the visitors to make entry without any test or quarantine requirements. However, if you feel any kind of symptoms of covid or feel like your body is showing any symptoms, you can get yourself examined in the government run hospital. It is highly advised to avoid traveling, if you are not feeling well.

Gujarat: A thermal screening is a must to enter the state. However, if you show no symptom, you need not to go under quarantine. If your travel is not urgent or if it can be postponed to some other time, try to do that as the covid fear is still there and risk is equally involved. Thus, try to maintain your healthy stay in the country.

While you are applying for online Indian visa, be specific to your purpose of visit. In case, you feel like you can postpone your stay in the country to some other time, do so. This is just to maintain your health and safety during this pandemic. As you are aware that Covid is still there and every nation is keeping its hard to maintain the safety of its people. Thus, if you planning for your vacation or something and looking forward to visit India, be updated with the rules and regulations of international traveling formed up by the Indian Government.

Try to abide by the rules and regulations and stick to the safety and precautionary measures to avoid any contingency. While applying for E visa India, check out the documents required for successful application. Be notified about the precautionary measures which are necessary to fulfill for a trouble free stay in the country.

Try to make online bookings of almost everything to avoid physical contact at the most. Use digital form of payment while you are traveling and enjoying Indian palaces. Be alert and attentive to what you eat and drink while you are traveling. Always use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently to avoid catching germs. Use face masks and maintain social distance on the public places. All such and more precautionary measures will definitely help you to be safe from the attack of virus.

In case, you feel like showing any symptoms like cold, cough, body ache or anything which is not normal, immediately contact the nearby health professional for expert advice. Don’t touch the things unnecessary. Take proper medication if you feel unwell.

Traveling in India is open for visitors both nationwide and internationally. If you want to explore India after such a long break (Due to Covid restrictions), you can easily do so. Just follow the prescribed precautions and rules and regulations imposed by the Indian government. Give priority to your safety first and then follow your heart to explore the beauty of India.

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