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Experience Peerless Godly Place Shantikunj Haridwar Divine Tour with Indian e VISA

Experience Peerless Godly Place Shantikunj Haridwar Divine Tour with Indian e VISA

A fact behind Human tendency in India is that, after being free from all the responsibilities of families, relations, kids and others, at the old age, Indian believes to spend their quality time in GOD Name. For that In India, several religious places are made. Out of these, one exclusive space in India is “Shantikunj Haridwar”. These spots are not only made for Indians, but also permissible for foreigners to grab the same culture. One step need to adopt i.e; Online E VISA India to get permitted to travel within India places.

Specially, boundless mob of international level across the world visit here and truly see the sign of god presence and who just come to visit for enjoyment purpose, suddenly started to believe in the unseen power of GOD.

Come in Deep way to “MATCH THE SOUL TO DIVINE”, Great Place for Multi-nations with India’s Visa utility

One should have not only the intention of only living the life but also should adopt the GOOD KERMAS and refine the soul to reach the final objective of everyone life “Salvation”. It can become 100% possible to encounter the great experience with follow a tiny obligation as e VISA India. So come to know more;

Shantikunj Haridwar is a combined family of people (across the world) who worship GAYATRI MATA and called their belonging people as GAYATRI PARIVAAR. People feel proud to be a part of Gayatri parivaar. Rest everyone should know about it;

Location and Size

It is a queer glorious ashram and headquarters for All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP) in Uttrakhand State in Haridwar made in 1971. It’s a huge space spreaded in big area.

A Small city internally

Internally it’s a city situated with all daily and further age life requirement hospital to education, marriage, birth to emancipation and more.

Internally Persons get allotted for their respective work

It’s a spiritual place where several people live there with gayatri parivaar as a family. Members do not only live there for attending the religious activities but also takes cares of several families living out there by maintaining their responsibilities. When we call it city, then automatically understandable that limitless premises, temples, centres, departments are made out there to make survival possible. All people attends their respective responsibilities to which they belong, for example if the person was engaged in medical before enter in shantikunj, then he/she can work in hospital in that department for which person got educated. Similarly lots of contexts are presentable to provide a religious as well as healthier life.

Different Premises

In a small Shantikunj city there are;

Gayatri Mata and Hermits Temples and Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharyas with Mataji and their dadaguru along with it. They do not show them separate from world and only believe in a supreme power of god altogether and daily worship by “gayatri mantra”. Daily in temples gayatri mata worship occurs by local shantikunj city community and local people and also outsider came to attend spiritual activities.

Hawan Pooja Separate Space made for daily pray in front of fire.

Daily Religious Lectures Space by religious masters called gurus who keep faith in immortal and spred god’s messages in all world by speaking spiritual words.

Sajal Shradhha and Prakhar Pragya is a Samadhi for Lt. Pt. Shree Ram Sharma Acharyaji and Mataji. People believe their soul still present in Samadhi and spreads blessings among god lover.

A Special Light DIYA is lightened by Pt. SHri Ram Sharma Acharya since 1926 and still live there. People consider it as a sign of lots of blessings, Sanyam (Self Restraint), divine love and more.

Dhyan Sadhna Kendra, Meditation Room, where people go to do mediation to centralise their mind and heart in one deity.

Own Publication; for daily newspaper released from shantikunj head quarter (situated in Mathura) and all other AWGP centres all over world. Akhand Jyoti and Yug Nirman Yojna and more other books published under the messages written by guruji to make world aware about truth, hope and tells the right way to live the life and meets to the bliss and supreme power.

Meals as Prasad served free to 3000+ people and shantikunj family lived out there. Daily meals cooked in a grand kitchen by ladies in batches. Daily visitors also take part in kitchen whether rolling a single roti or help in cooking delicious prasada.

Yoga Space; which hosts daily yoga camps to keep everyone healthy and fit. It keeps mind and soul quiet and make stress-free.

Canteen, has a long list of presentable healthy several sweet dishes and breakfast/lunch/dinner at no profit rates. This food reflects traditional tastes and at simple charges because they do not earn profit, rather than just serve food with love and concerns.

GAYATRI VIDHYAPEETH SHANTI KUNJ School affiliated with CBSE, Made for Education, Shantikunj local families kids to get essential education and along with that also teach them life lessons of being the honest, impressive and successful who can regards everyone in his life.

Educational University allows people to do PHD in the GURUJI written demiurge syllabus.

Beautiful Nature can be seen everywhere there, which always attracts people and has the illimitable and rare herbs, plants, trees, flowers.

Medical Facility available in shantikunj hospital, which is most essential part of our life, where people need not to go outside for treatments and test in labs.

Life Motivational Lesson given by Shantikunj Haridwar loved by all Indians and foreigners both

Motivation always keeps us forwards towards the success. It’s the implemented guides for goal orientation functions. It gives us pampered click in our pathetic time. Motivation is like fuel for bad situations which settles minds, hearts, emotions, tasks conjunctly. Here are few words from GURUJI sea of life motivational quotes as;

“Poor is not the One who has less, but the one wants who more”
“No matter what the problem is, but keeping calm is the solution”
“Do not behave with others, which you do not want to happen with yourself”

So likewise, AWGP messengers flow guruji words among the world to let people live a meaning full life not worthless.

True Sight to the LORD Presence, Thoughts, Blessings and Sacraments

All together in this article we are mentioning here that Shantikunj is a place, where many Gayatri Devotees, Sadhna lovers, who are seeking to meet with Permatma (God), visit Shantikunj Haridwar all 12 months sustainable. It’s an uncouth centre of attraction for peace, values, life optimism and reliance.

Shantikunj is being social religious centre, who never do the activity for personal benefits or any other self-served intention. It’s just an intention behind it to develop the conviction regarding Numen who is the creator of whole universe.

Coming on this tranquil place across the world is a proud feeling for every human being. It sees all people with one eye whether Indian or foreigner. Indiana are well known about this godhead site and simple way to reach shantikunj. But the people from any outer country required sticking to an action of applying Indian e VISA.

Hope, it would help you out to choose a quiet deity place to get enter in real world of being a real person.

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