Indian E Visa
Explore BIHAR in India with Indian E VISA

Explore BIHAR in India with Indian E VISA

How e-VISA came into existence?

Indian VISA Online is the most important obligation to start the journey for India. India Government has been made this ultimate asset of all over countries in form of permission to visit India. Earlier it was a dream and hectic and expensive process to get the VISA in your hand, long time wait was so common at that time. Keeping that pain in mind, to alleviate the visitors aching procedures government invented a new rapid utility electronic VISA in year November 2014, which was so simple and cheap too.

Now it becomes so smooth to apply India VISA online. Every year, millions of Multinational crowds are taking benefits of electronic token.

How to apply and use E VISA Facility for India

Just simple steps are there, first is submit online application form, upload the passport detailed form online, upload recent photograph and pay fee via debit or credit card, at last received email for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to show at check post after reaching India.

This facility allows international mob to enter India’s any willing or needed place with holing of Indian e VISA.

e Visa India

If looking for Tourist Place in India then Hook up with BIHAR

Speciality of Bihar

Bihar is the state having different tradition’s monuments belongs to the many religions. It’s a place of the origination of two religions such as Jainism and Buddhism and the concept of non-violence. Manifold seduction concepts make it more special and magnetic. Let’s move on towards some places to visit and things to know about it;

Bodh Gaya, a Buddha pilgrimage site in Gaya district of Bihar. It’s a remarkable manifest where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained concept under what became called as the Bodhi Tree. Since past times, Bodh Gaya persisted the entity of pilgrimage and reverence. It has Mahabodhi Temple, The Great Budha Statue, Lord Yama Temple, Prestshilla Hill,Dangeshwari Cave Temple, Mangla Gauri Temple, Chinese Temple, Vishnupad Temple

Patna, capital of BIHAR, is the ancient city, spreaded along the south bank of the Ganges River. It gives you the Golghar, Historic granary, Patna Museum believed to keep Buddha’s ashes. Sanjay Gandhi, zoo spreaded within natural beauties, Gandhi Setu, India’s longest bridge over river, Patna Sahib- Sikh Gurudwara, Buddha Park- Quiet place with stupa and museum and more.

Vaishali, first republic of the world. It’s a great Buddhism’s Pilgrimage and also birthplace of Lord Mahavira.

Nalanda, thirty eights district of Bihar, world’s most famous ancient University

Madhubani, has the allured places to visit such as Kapileshwar Temple, Naulakha Palace, Somnath Mahadev Temple.

Muzzafarfur, is the fourth famous city in Bihar. There are lots of places to explore. Out of that 5 top places are named as Litchi Garden world-wide production, Baba Garibnath Temple, Jubba Sahni Park, Ramchandra Shahi museum, Khudiram Bose Memorial.

Bhagalpur prominent with the name as Silk city worldly. You can visit Bhagalpur Museum, Rabindra Bhawan sign of history, Jai Prakash Udhyan as a huge park of botany, Lajpat Park and garden, Vikramshilla Setu, Das Driftwood Museum & Park- statue garden & driftwood artworks, really place to stuck willingly, cannot miss this one if visiting Bihar.

Rajgir, is again an ancient city of Bihar and surrounded by the beautiful hills. It has the ancient wall still stand in centre. Apart of that place nearby to visits are swarn bhandar- ancient artificial caves with carvings, Venu van- Buddhism, park, garden, monastery, saptaparni cave- sign of Buddhism. It has the shield shaped Japanese Temple having a huge statue of Buddha. Nearby it has also hot springs out there believed to have medicinal values, Pandu Pokhar, Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Apart of above places there are lots of more heritages which generally explore by multinational and national people such as;

Pawapuri mostly famous for Jal Mandir (water temple) dedicated temple to Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar and also founder of Jainism.

Hajipur as having attractive places to see such as Ramchaura Mandir, Kaun Hara Ghat, Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu.

Sitamarhi mostly acclaimed for Lord Rama’s spouse Devi Sita. It’s a huge hub of variant religious pilgrimages.

Lauria Nandangarh– situated near the bank of river Burhi Gandak, its name originated from the name of a pillar of Ashoka.

Valmiki National Park– Tiger Reserve and Wild Life Sanctuary is placed at the India-Nepal border in the west champaran border of Bihar on the bank of River Gandak, full of natural God gifted beauties,

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri– a historical place built in memory of a pathan of Bihar named as Emperor Sher Shah Suri.

Navlakha Palace– pre-eminent called Rajnagar Palace as a royalBrahmin Palace situated near Mahubani in Bihar

Mundeshwari Devi Temple located at paunra pahad, Ramnath village in Kaimur again in district of Bihar.

BIHAR FOOD; there are lots of variant of foods but the most mouth-watering and delicious one is LITTI CHOKHA, no one can resist if touching the surface of Bihar.

Most Famous Festival in Bihar; if people are coming to will in the month of October-November, then they can enjoy the most divine Puja named CHAT PUJA, truly everyone should enjoy it once in a life.

Indian govt has given the provision also for Urgent Indian VISA from any nation, who need to come India with some special instant purpose, can also look upon here for few time to explore Bihar in the rest time after the task fulfilled.

Conclusively said:

Bihar is the special asset or entity which enlarge India name on world level. Universal mankind love to take a delightful tour of Bihar. They provided a special and easy efficacy globally as Indian  VISA online.

It’s the bigger hub of unique and old time historical and pilgrimages. It has n number of tenets to watch and to get trusted about really ancient stories. Above explained places are the few top places where extreme crowd from multiple countries come every year in ethical and non-ethical groups. In a survey it has highlighted that it’s a combinations of beautiful monuments, forts, temples, and historical parts of Bihar.

Bihar is having a very sweet language. They also handle people from other countries very politely and respectfully. People coming in Bihar need not worry about the accommodation and transportation. As this state each part has countless accommodation segmentation to stay. In context of transportation, there are relaxed facilities provided by them for travelling from one district to another. Special transport facilities are available for each place for Indian as well as foreign tourist.

Foreigners are served very loving, caring and supportive behaviour by Bihar local guides and localised people as everyone trust in slogan “Atithi Devo Bhawe”.

Latest Advisory for Travel & VISA Prohibitions against COVID-19

Temporary suspension of United Kingdom Flights to India

Vide Circulation No-4/01/2020 Dated 30-12-2020 of DCGA of government of India

In partial modification of circular dated 21-12-2020, the competent authority extended further temporary flights suspension to/from United Kingdom till 7th January 2021. However, the restrictions will not applicable on to international Cargo functioning and flights especially approved by DCGA.

Vide Circulation No-4/01/2020 Dated 30-12-2020 of DGCA, government of India

In some modification of this circulation dated 26-06-2020, it was clear to adopt that the competent authority has further extended the validation of circular issued on the context of the scheduled for multinational commercial passengers services to/from India till 31st January 2021. This restriction will not applicable for all Cargo functioning and flight approved especially by DGCA (Directorate of Civil Aviation).

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