Indian E Visa
Hold My Hand and Come in the world of Heavenly Tasty Indian Food

Hold My Hand and Come in the world of Heavenly Tasty Indian Food

How does possible to taste Indian Food? Obviously with Indian VISA

Indian Food is made not only for taste but also keep in mind the health of eaters while cooking. So now talk about how to make this dream of having Indian Food. For that, International visitors need to apply Indian VISA which allows them to travel for India. Foreigners love India so much and generally spend holidays in India.

“Food is the beautiful cause to catch beautiful Smile”

How Indian Food does prove Unique across the World?

What do you think how could you judge a food is top rated? So, first class food is known with its smell, presentation on plate and finally mouth-watering taste. Indian food is famous because of its all qualities of taste, good smell as well as presenting style with decorated toppings. Foreigners love Indian dishes just because of their unique traditional flavours which is not in other food.

People who are entering into India with any type of VISA whether business or personal, study, or emergency VISA to India, obviously they will have food also, so they can also satisfy their appetite with Indian food items.

“No sincere visit without Food, because not possible move empty stomach”

Now jump in the sea of luscious food and Let’s Smell Indian Delicious & Healthy Food

Yes when we have a bite of Indian food in mouth and close the eyes, then trust me, just imagine it’s a feeling like floating in heaven. Food is the single factor which gives bounds India and Foreigners with India E VISA together, so let’s jump and read;


Punjab is specially influenced by agriculture and farmings, so all food prepares keeping in that.

Punjabi Thali: Makke Di Roti plated with Sarso Da Saag, creamy buttery a big glass of Lassi wow, little bit a touch of pickle, and all are home made in punjabis’s home as well as available in Punjabi restaurants with same taste. It’s also a healthy food because of all things get from agriculture land and home directly like butter from home cow, Musturd leaves from farming, pickle from grandmother’s hand.

Chicken Tikka famous in Punjab Cuisine as appetizer or starter

Mint Paratha layered made with mint leaves can served with curd/ cheese gravy/Mango Pickle

Aaloo Paratha (tangy and spicy potatoes stuffing) special food with lots of butter and again with lassi

Tandoori Chicken prepared roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in tandoor (a cylindrical clay oven).

Amritsari Kulcha served with tangy chole with mix of onion salad

Basmati rice with various meat and veggies added to make it out of the world

Chole Bhature is a special punjabi food generally available at other states too easily

Dhaba Dal (Lentils) is most energy giving food, prepared with onion, tomato, garlic, coriander leaves and hot spices and eat with rice and roti

Appetizing and flavourful Food from the Capital of India, Stunning Delhi

Paranthas for healthy morning breakfast at Delhi homes with pickle sometimes with curd or sometimes with ginger tea.

Street Chats; Knocking pampering dish in each street of Delhi is chat including Golgappe/ Aaloo Tikki/ Papri chat/Dahi Vada and more mostly available out of schools, colleges, offices, also in chandni chowk famous for it, at domestic places as well, as an evening snack.

Butter Chicken cooked in butter, tomato and chicken juices served with rice and naan, famous in various Delhi places

Kebabs: Meat marinated in exclusive aromatic spices and made in chunks forms as snack

Chole Bhature is a popular Punjabi dish which is popular equally and loved by Delhiitis

Biryani: Its rice made with vegetables, meat pieces and with hot, tangy spices sells at road side cycle man, at street Thela, restaurants too

Rolls: means stuffing of veg/ non-veg/ eggs with roti made

Momos: Well all know it’s a Chinese dish but these days favourite to Delhiitis and sold near houses, offices, schools.

Deserts: Jalebi, Imarti with Rabri, Kulfi

Palatable Food Bihar:

Most running dish is litti chokha in every street and home of Bihar as morning breakfast or dinner as well. Litti is (made of wheat flour with stuffing of gram flour with flavour of garlic, red chilli pickle and mustard oil) made fried in oil or on cow dung mostly .Chokha is made vegeterian(with boiled potato and baked brinjal on fire with red chilli pickle tanginess and mustard oil small touch) and non-veg (meat baked on fire) both.

Wonderful Food from Kerela:

It’s a Beautiful state with natural beauty on top and also top on food. Kerela every food is riched with coconut means it’s a base of every dish.

Puttu and Kadala Curry, breakfast across the city everywhere. Puttu made as form cylindrical rice cake made in moulds added with grated coconut, served with kadala curry (made with black chickpeas with shallots, spices and coconut milk)

Appam with stew; Appam made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk in form of pan cakes with crispy edges eat with Stew (has coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves and shallots and also made with mango pieces, veggies, chicken, lamb, spices, ginger and coconut milk enhance the natural flavour of vegetables).

Karimeen Pollichthu (one kind Fish)

It’s a traditional Kerela Dish made with fish find in backwater of Kerela. There Christians use it as tradition dish and also seen in rich cuisine. Pearl fish, marinated with touch of lemon juice, red chillies, wrapped and baked to give a delicious flavour.

Malabar Parotta with Kerela Beef Curry

Its about layered flat bread made by plain flour, egg, ghee and water to make dough for parotta and served with beef curry made with tomato, onions, garlic and spices.

Thalassery Biryani

Made with rice added meat and spices. Layered rice and coated the lid of utensil with dough. Hot charcoal is placed above the lid to give smoky flavour.

Palada Payasam (Dessert)

Most famous traditional dish made on festival ONAM. Its sweet rice kheer

Other dishes from Kerela are Kerala Prawn Curry, fish moilee, banana fritters etc.

Apart of all above state’s food, there are many other unique traditional and tasty foods, usually originated in their own state and can easily available in each all parts of India because India is a foody country. Like Kashmiri Pulav made with rice from Kashmir, Dal Bhati Churma from trational Rajasthan, Kachori Sabji, Chat, Shahi Paneer, Dal & Roti with mango pickle, Kaju Katli and more from Uttar Pradesh. All kind of states food can be avail easily some at street, some near houses, and almost in restaurants. So foreigners who come here either tourism/ business/ education/ health checkups/ friends meets or other purposes, can have a Indian food enjoyment by holding regular or e VISA on normal or urgent Indian VISA or urgent e VISA for India.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Indian traditional places and food to reach at heaven feeling.

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