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How to Get India e-visa easily: A Guide to Explain All the Procedure

How to Get India e-visa easily: A Guide to Explain All the Procedure

Are you trying to get all the information on the Indian e-visa? Read the blog to know the complete detail on how to get your visa effortlessly.

Getting your e-visa is probably the easiest task in today’s internet-savvy world. Either it is about applying for an Indian e visa or a visa for other countries, a few clicks are enough to get your work done. However, the problem comes when you lack information on updates. You may also face issues if you are applying for the visa for the very first time.

In case, any of the situations seem similar, let us help you to get every minute information on how to get your Indian e-visa effortless.

The blog will also cover details on the following:

  • Eligibility for application
  • Urgent India visa

Let’s get started!

E-visa is the electronic authorization that provides access to travel to any country for medical, tourism, and business purposes. While applying for an e-visa, it’s not mandatory to submit a passport.

The only requirement is having at least six month visa validity. As everything is online, e-visa approval is sent to the registered email only. As soon as you reach the country, the actual visa will be offered at the immigration check-post.

India currently offers the e-visa facility to 165 countries across the globe. The Indian electronic visa allows a total of 180 days’ stay in India for visitors. India visa that is issued online is very popular among tourists who wish to visit the country for a small period of time.

Indian e Visa

Eligibility for the application/ How to apply for an Indian e-visa?

It is the safest way to apply for your India visa on the official Government of India e-visa website. The visa can be applied within a variety of categories, among which the following are the most popular ones:

  • A casual visit to relatives, sightseeing, recreational trip
  • Attending any short-term courses (yoga/language/music & dance/ arts & crafts and other diploma programs) that do not extend six month’s time period
  • Voluntary work of short duration (maximum of 1 month period)
  • E-conference/ business/ medical/ tourist visa

Note: For Pakistan origin travelers or those who have parents/ grandparents of Pakistan origin may not be considered eligible for the e-visa. These travelers are required to follow a different procedure to apply for the visa. It’s better to check the foreign travel advisory (of your own country) for getting the detailed information.

Talking about the cost for the processing of Indian e-visa, it depends upon the nationality of the traveler and the time of the year anyone is traveling.

The Indian e-visa also offers access to enter the nations through water borders. And allows travellers to enter the country through authorized seaports.

Prerequisites for applying for an Indian e-visa

You will need the following information while applying for an India visa:

  • Passport information
  • Flight and itinerary information
  • Standard personal and family information
  • Recent passport size photo (white background recommended)
  • A clear picture of the photo page of your passport along with your personal details

Note: For short-courses, you may be required to upload a copy of the confirmation letter with its letter-head received from the institution you have applied to.

Be extra cautious while uploading photos. Your photos should be clear otherwise it may cause delay or sometimes be the cause of unapproval if the photo or the background doesn’t match the prescribed set of regulations.

Follow the below-mentioned steps while applying for your visa:

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on “sample e-visa application form” at bottom left on the screen
  • Tap on “apply here for e-visa”
  • Follow each step carefully to fill-up the application

It will not take more than 30-40 minutes to fill up the form. It is suggested to cross-check every detail filled up in the form.

Details on Urgent India Visa

There may come some unforeseen life situation when you would immediately require to visit a country. For such a situation, an urgent India visa is offered. This initiative is an effort by the Indian government in order to process your visa within a day or less in case of unpredictable situations like sudden death of loved ones, legal engagements, or major illness.

The processing of urgent visa can be processed on weekends for people who have emergency situations. This emergency Indian e-visa is issued within 1-3 days after the submission and full payment. For visas that are extremely urgent, a higher fee could be asked for the same.

Things to be Noted About Urgent India Visa

  • The urgent India visa is completely subjected to approval
  • In cases like a medical emergency, you will have to provide a copy of medical proof for the casualty that happened. Without proof, the urgent visa may be rejected
  • The details should be correctly filled including name, address, phone number, or other important requirements
  • These applications are not processed on Indian national holidays, i.e., republic day 26th of January, Independence day 15th of August, and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2nd of October
  • In case of multiple valid passports/ damage in the passport/ already granted visa still valid/ or multiple visa applications, the applicant will have to wait for four or more days in order to know the decision of government made on that particular application.

Note: Besides showing the medical proof, you will have to present a copy of your passport (valid for six months) along with two blank pages and recent photograph (colorful). Take your photograph in the white background always for passport related submissions. A digital photograph (the one taken with a smartphone) will also do the needful. The image can later be uploaded with all the documents.

Your urgent visa India will be stamped on your arrival at the airport at the immigration. The recent rules introduced by the Indian government have made this process much easier for travelers.

When applying for your Indian e-visa, be aware of the commercial fraud websites. These websites look and feel the same as the official one. Therefore, it is advised to click only the authentic links or land on the page through a government-approved website only. It is good to complete your research in advance before submitting the application.

The official website contains the complete information that you would require while filling up the form. Therefore, read everything in detail and proceed step-by-step. This will lessen the chances of mistakes and disapproval of your Indian e-visa. Any wrong information or unclear details may lead to the disapproval of your form.  

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