Tourist Indian E Visa
Indian Tourist Visa – Everything You Need to Know

Indian Tourist Visa – Everything You Need to Know

When an individual trip’s from one territory to another, he requires a specific set of government authorised documentation like Visa and Passport. If you are a frequent flier or an International traveller, Visa is essential for your journey.

Visa is conditional documentation issued by territory to International travellers, authorising them to arrive, remain, or exit the country within the pre-defined period. There are various types of Visas such as Tourist Visa, Emergency or Urgent Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa and many more. It looks identical to a sticker that is attached to the foreigner’s passport. To travel to a country like India, every foreigner must have Tourist Visa for India. Here, we will discuss all the details of the Indian Visa.

Tourist Visa for India

What is the tourist Indian Visa?

Indian Tourist E-Visa is a document of the authorisation that is granted to a foreigner with the sole aim is to travel to India for recreation, casual visit to relatives or friends, sightseeing, or for a medical purpose, or conducting short business meetings. Indian Visa Policy avails two types of visa – the e-visa and the regular tourist visa. The e-visa permits validity for a shorter period, while the standard tourist visa presents a longer validity. According to the traveller’s nationality, Tourist Visa for India can be granted with a validity ranging from 6 months to 10 years. The tourist e-visa is also a visa on arrival.


To apply for an online Indian tourist e visa, an International traveller must satisfy specific eligibility criteria, which are as follows-

The sole motive of a foreigner to visit or travel to India must be sightseeing, recreation, visit relatives or friends, or for short business objectives, or to attend a yoga program, or medical treatment under the Indian System of medicine, which shall not exceed more than six months duration.

A tourist visa is a non-extendable and non-convertible visa, which does not permit the extension of its validity period or change to any other visa types, except some urgent or emergency cases.


Tourist visa comes with various types of validities as follows –

Depending upon the International traveller’s nationality, a multiple-entry tourist visa can be issued by the territory for five years. The government can grant a 5-years tourist visa under the conditions that the traveller must not undergo a continuous stay of more than 90 days without prior registration. However, if the visitor is from U.K origin, the constant staying period can be extended to 180 days.

The USA, Canada, and Japan territories enjoy a tourist visa with ten years of validity under the stipulation of continuous stay, which must not exceed 180 days.

Tourist visa for India is not granted to inhabitants of Pakistan.

International travellers of Pakistani origin may apply for a tourist visa with three months of validity and a single entry facility.

Documents Required

The documents required for applying for a tourist visa are as follows –

Passport – An International traveller must have a passport with a validity of at least six months and two blank pages for the attachment of visa and to be stamped by the immigration officer. During the filling of the application form, the applicants must submit a copy of their passport information.

Passport Size Photo – Every tourist visa applicant must submit their digital passport-sized photocopy with a white background to successfully film the application form.

Departure proof – The traveller must have departure proof in the form of a confirmed round trip travel ticket from a reputable tourism agency.

Residential Proof – The applicants must have a government-issued identity proof or utility bills of their house.

What is the Group Tourist Visa?

The group tourist visa is a specific type of visa issued for a group of visitors ranging from 5 to 50 to travel to Indian or other territories under a reputable tourism company’s auspices. The applicants can submit their group tourist visa application through the online mode under the supervision of IVFRT. The travel agency’s sole responsibility is to mandatorily fill up the visa form on the official government website.

Conditions for Repeat Visit to India

To enter the Indian border with the same tourist visa for more than once, the International traveller must give a gap of at least two months between consecutive travels, if the visitor belongs to China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, or Pakistani origin. The government can issue a new or fresh tourist visa for the foreigners falling under this category, and who do not have their hands on a tourist visa with five years validity, must report to India again with a duration of two months, after their exit considering an exigent occasion such as foreign nationality. The applicants must present the following reasons for the application –

An emergency, compelling the visitor to travel to India.

The International traveller is compelled to move to India because of a business intention, medical purpose, or research-related works.

How to Apply for Indian Tourist E-Visa?

The foreign visitor can apply for their online Indian tourist visa using the government website. The government aware the applicants of the traps of fraud or copy websites and advise them to utilise the official website.

The travellers must follow a particular application process to apply for the tourist visa –

They can visit the official website to find the tourist E-Visa application option on the website.

The territory government presents a visa application form to amalgamate the applicants’ minute details to ensure a smooth application process.

The application form must be filled efficiently with correct information and required details.

A verification process follows this, and the applicant must review his details before submitting them.

Then, the applicant will be redirected to the payment portal to pay the e-visa application fees. (Note – The charges for the visa are country-specific ).

After the successful submission of the form, the government reviews the application to generate.

The government generally takes 3 to 5 days to process the application before the tourist visa grant. However, the applicants are advised to apply for a tourist visa beforehand.


A visitor needs a visa on the grounds of their travelling spot. If the visitor’s native country contains a visa agreement with the territory, he intends to travel. And if there is no agreement, the visitors require a visa for their trips.

The tourist visa plays a significant role in allowing the holders to enter a foreign territory for tourism or leisure purposes and accommodate a specific period. These visas do not entitle the bearer to start or engage in any business venture in a foreign country.

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