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Top 5 Holistic Option for Foreigners- Indian VISA Holders

Top 5 Holistic Option for Foreigners- Indian VISA Holders

Get Peace and blessings with Unseen power of God

Being religious is a common godly feel in every human heart all over the world. It always proves presence of an unseen power, which exists and hold universe together. Holistic places encourage the trust and let people to be believed about the GOD. These places are ancient spiritual assets, tells about the appearance and blessings of God. That is why several holistic places exists in India which loved by millions of International multitudes, and India lover (with Indian VISA) come here to attend uncountable spiritual activities.

India is a hub of countless venerable places which are not only the signs of peace but also existence of supreme divinity, In this article we are telling about the top 5 Religious places guide for Outer countries mass (who apply for e VISA India), so that they can easily understand and relate theirs visits, so let’s get started;

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi is situated in State Maharastra. Sai Baba is a specially known Shirdi Sai Baba and worshipped by hindu, muslim and other religions too. It is believed that many years ago, Sai Baba suddenly came to Shirdi Village and spreaded all over the hearts of their people. Daily a huge crowd used to attend Baba religious lecture at his hut and learnt so many things. All people considered his life teaching things as a life feeder and started to follow his non-violent words. It is human nature that people understand to whom easily and quickly who do not ask for anything in return and just give good education, love and care. After winding up of Sai Baba from Shirdi, that place became a sign of worship and known by name of Shirdi Sai Baba. Sai Baba has done unlimited religious miracles at that time.

People believed that still power of Sai Baba retains without his physical presence. Even today people from far across the world come to Shirdi Temple to attend and experience that unbelievable power of Sai Baba. It’s an ultimate pilgrimage in Maharstara India. Where still even local people follow thoughts and tradition and feel presence and blessings of Sai Baba Feet.

Shani Singa Pur

A Shanidev Temple is situated in Indian Maharastra’s a village Shingapur. It’s a most popular temple which is worshipped by all religions. It is believed that many years ago, a pair of Mama & Bhanja (Uncle & Nephew) got a big piece of stones from a river. Also it is believed that except this pair, no-one was able to pick it up. People placed this stone at a place which is told by Shani Deva in a dream of a local honest hermit kind guy and he asked that mama bhanja pair to do the same said in dream. After that one by one miracle started to happen. Also in this village no one puts lock at the door against thieves because whoever try to theft, get punished by Shani Dev, still it is happening there, so you consider it miracle or the blessing of the GOD. Todays unlimited mob come from outside countries to visit Shani Dev Temple to get such blessings.

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi is situated in Jammu, on the top place of the Durgapur Hill. Goddess Durga is worshipped in temple there. It is believed, Goddess Durgaji killed demon Bhairo Nath by cutting his head. He apologized and got a boon to be worshipped with Goddess Durgaji. Since then visitors go to Bhairo Baba temple before going to Durga Maa cave and temple. A Huge crowd come from across multiple places out of India to visit there. It’s a hill station which holds a brilliant natural beauty too along with temples and more other temples are there to visit.


Haridwar is mainly known for GANGA River travelling 253 Kms from the source Gomukh (Gangotri Glacier), presented in at an altitude of 3139 mtrs. The Ganga comes at Haridwar plains. Hence Haridwar is also known as GANGADWAR, which means the holi place where GANGA river flows. Many comfortable stairs made to sit on the bank of the river as all Indian come there to worship on Ganga and also flows athiya (bones and aish of a dead person) into the river. Ganga is considered as Godess and its water as holy and use in each worship in Indian homes. Ganga Aarti at evening is very much famous and seems so beautiful.

Apart of that, Mansa Devi temple, Sat Rishi Ashram, Patanjali, Shantikunj. Haridwar is a single holi place where unlimited religious places are there, when once people start the journey, do not want to revert at their own places because they feel harmony and exalted.

Jagan Nath

Jagan Nath Puri temple is form for God VISHNU and situated in Odisha state. It is established by King Indraduyumma of Malwa. According to mythology, the king saw a Lord Jagan Nath in his dream. God asked him to seek one of his idols in the cave of Nilinchal mountain and place the idol by building the temple. Since then this temple is blessed with Vishnu GOD. This temple holds a prominent place which tells the importance of pilgrimage made for soul peace and salvation.

Apart of all above top 5 religious, there are more other blessed religious pilgrimages where people can truly experience the immense power and presence of GOD. India believes that not only Indians, also people across the world can feel the real blessings with these pilgrimages. Foreigners who want to visit simply need to have Indian e VISA to enter in India.

Along with mentioning about the visiting sites, how can we forget to mention information about the main essential need which walks with people everywhere i.e; hunger, yes we are talking about food. Again on this part, India proved splendid. India’s each state and city famous for their flavoured and taste food, so no worry about the munching while visiting. Along with that, India is well-known for its supportive nature, belief & values and truly believes in “guests are always welcomed” and also takes foreigners guests as responsibility.

In this article, we are showing a help Guide for the people (the huge range of Mob coming from across the world). India is a supportive, unique country and well- known for its religion and best culture. Anyone can feel the relaxation on top only in India, just a few steps need to adopt i.e; the procedure to fly towards India with Online e VISA India.

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