Q) What is an e-Visa?

A: Indian Government now has provided this facility to obtain visa online through website. You can apply for visa from any part of the world without need of visiting any embassy and involving any paperwork. You submit the application online, pay fee through Debit or Credit card and receive your e-Visa in your email in PDF format which you need to print out before commencing your travel.

Q) Do I need a visa to go to India?

A: There are many countries whose residents need visa to travel to India. Please check your eligibility status if you are eligible for the e-Visa Facility on this link check-eligibility

Q) What should I do after receiving my India e-Visa?

A: You must take a print out of the e-Visa received in your email in PDF format. Your visa must have your photo imprinted when you receive it, if you don’t see your photograph on the visa please contact support immediately.

Q) Do children and infants need a visa to visit India?

A: Yes, Children as well as infants both need visa to travel to India.

Q) What types of e-Visa are there?

A: There are 5 different categories of e-Visas, e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa.

Q) What is the difference between an e-Visa and a regular visa on the passport?

A: E-Visa is an online process where there is no paper work is involved and all the process happens online. This process is simple, fast, reliable and hassle free however, the regular visa is tedious and slow process in which a lot of paperwork is involved and it is not reliable also.

Q) Can I apply for a e-Visa at the airport?

A: No, you can’t apply for e-Visa at the airport. You must hold a valid e-Visa before leaving your home country.

Q) Who can apply for an e-Visa?

A: More than 180 countries nationalities are eligible for this facility. You can check your eligibility on the link mentioned ahead. Please click here Check-Eligibility

Q) Do USA citizens need a visa for travel to India?

A: Yes, USA citizens must have a valid visa to before they commence their travel to India.

Q) Is it possible to get a visa on arrival in India? What Port/Airport can I arrive in?

A: There is no Visa on Arrival for India. You must have a valid visa against the same passport on which you are travelling.

Q)When is it best to apply for my India E-Visa?

A: More than 180 countries nationalities are eligible for this facility. You can check your eligibility on the link mentioned ahead. Please click here check-eligibility

Q) What are the fees for the India E-Visa?

A: Total Visa Fee for Normal processing of your application including the processing fee is INR 3900.00 for a duration of 1 month, INR 10950.00 for a duration of 1 year and for Urgent processing of your application, fee is INR 7900 for one month, INR 19950 for 1 year including the processing fee.

Q) Can I receive a refund on my E-Visa?

A: E-Visa Fee once submitted and paid is 100% non-refundable because the fee is charged for processing the application. The visa may be granted or rejected.

Q) How will the India Visa document be delivered?

A: E-Visa India is an online facility. The visa grant or rejection letter shall be delivered to your registered email address mentioned in your application form.

Q) How can I keep track of my application status?

A: You can also track the status online through “Applicant Login” by using your Application Number and other credentials in the required fields. Your Application Number will be of 13 digits. You can also contact 24X7 support or email at

Q) How long is the india tourist e-visa valid for?

A: You can avail e-Visa with a validity of 1 month, 1 year and 5 year. The prices are different for all categories.

Q) Where do I need to apply for an Indian e-tourist visa ?

A: You can apply for the Indian e-tourist visa on the website e-visaindia.

Q) How long does it take to process an Indian e-visa?

A: The Indian e-Tourist Visa is valid for multiple entry within the duration of its validity.

Q) Can I enter India with my e-tourist visa at any point of entry?

A: There are altogether 33 Entry points including the Air and Sea ports across India. You can choose your port in the Application form.

Q) Do I require a yellow fever vaccine when traveling to India?

A: Residents of Yellow Fever affected countries or travellers coming through these countries must carry a YELLOW FEVER VACCINE CARD while arriving in India otherwise they may be quarantined for 6 days upon arrival. Please visit the Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare guidelines regarding yellow fever countries here.

Q) Do I need an e-visa if I am transiting through India?

A: No, you don’t need a transit visa as long as you have a valid on going journey ticket.

Q) What documents do I need to apply for an Indian e business visa?

A: You need a 6 months valid passport, a business card and a letter from an Indian party (if applicable).

Q) How long is the business e-visa to India valid for?

A: Business e-Visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance with multiple entry.

Q) What is an India medical e-visa?

A: Medical e-Visa is provided to travellers coming to India for any medical treatment. You require a 6 months valid passport along with an Invitation letter from the Indian Hospital where the treatment is supposed to happen.

Q) How long is the Indian Medical e-Visa valid for?

A: Indian Medical e-Visa is valid for 1 year with multiple entries.

Q) What are the photo requirements for an India e-visa application?

A: The photograph of the traveller must be coloured with white background. The head must be in the centre without any accessories on the face. The size should not be more than 2 MB.

Q) I already hold an Indian e-Visa against my expired passport, Do I need a new e-visa against my renewed passport?

A: If you are holding an e Visa against your expired passport then you don’t need to apply again. You can use the same visa for your travel on the new passport but you must carry your expired passport as well during the travel.

Q) Can I travel anywhere in India with an e-Tourist Visa?

A: Yes, you are permitted to travel anywhere in India except cantonment and other restricted areas. For more information you may contact 24X7 Indian Visa support team.

Q) How can I make the payment?

A: You can make the payment using a Visa or Master Debit and Credit card.

Q) Can I change my port of entry after application?

A: You can’t change the port of entry in the application after submission however, you can travel to other designated airports also.

Q) How can I know that my payment has been successful?

A: You will receive a success message on your screen after the payment is successful. You will receive a copy of the invoice in Indian Currency (INR) as you will be paying the fee in Indian currency.

Q) How can I check the status of my online application?

A: You can go this link applicant-login and check the current status of your application.

Q) Do I need a printed copy of the ETA?

A: Yes, you must possess a printed copy of the ETA and keep a soft copy in your mobile, laptop or email whichever is easily accessible to you.

Q) Can the e-Visa be extended?

A: e-Visa is 100% non-extended, non-changeable, non-transferable and non-cancellable.

Q) What is the link to obtain the Official e-Visa for India?

A: The link to obtain the Official Indian Visa Online is e-visaindia

Q) How long will it take to receive my ETA approval?

A: If you have opted for normal processing of your application then the visa result will be emailed to your email address within 4-7 business days and if you have opted for the Urgent processing of your application then it will be emailed within 3 days.

Q) What are the documents to be carried while travelling to India on an e-Tourist Visa?

A: You must possess a 6 months valid passport and hard copy of the Original Visa Grant Letter with your photo on it.

Q) Whom should I contact if I face any difficulties while applying for e-Tourist Visa?

A: You can contact the worldwide 24X7 e-Visa India Support Centre on the numbers given on website e-visaindia or email them at

Q) Is India e-Visa valid for cruises?

A: Yes, Indian e- Visa is valid for Cruises only for the seaports Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Mangalore and Cochin.

Q) Is e-Visa India valid for travel by land?

A: e-Visa India is not valid for travel through land arrangements.

Q) Can I apply for a new e-Visa while in India?

A: No, you can’t apply for a new e-visa until your previous e-visa has expired. You must be out of India before you submit your Online Indian Visa application.

Q) What if I am not eligible for the e-Visa?

A: If you are not eligible for the e-Visa facility then you have to contact the nearest Indian Embassy or High Commission for regular Visa.

Q) If my e-Visa application is denied by the Indian government will my fees be refunded?

A: The Fee is 100% non-refundable once the application is submitted. The visa may be rejected or granted.

Q) Is my personal information secure to submit online?

A: All your personal information and documents are secure and kept in encrypted format with us. Nobody would be able to access them and misuse them.

Q) If I have more than one passport, can I apply for the Visa using the particulars from the first passport and then travel with the second passport?

A: If the passport against which you have applied the visa for is valid then you must travel on the same passport. If the previous passport with visa has expired then you must carry that passport along for verification when travelling on another passport.

Q) Can I apply eVisa if I am travelling with Group Tour?

A: It is the most convenient way to get the visa for group as the processing is very fast and no paperwork is involved. Regular visa for all the parties in the group is a complicated process.

Q) Can I print my e-Visa in Black and White?

A: Yes, you can print the e-Visa in black and white.