Indian Visa Online

A Handy Guide to Online Indian Visa

Visa is a pre-approved conditional authorisation document supplied by a specific territory to the foreigners, granting them entrance, stay, or exit from their borders. Generally, visas include validity, which defines the time a foreigner can remain in other territories.

Indian Visa is official approval from the Indian Government, allowing international travellers to enter and stay in Indian provinces. The Government defines various visas for visits, such as – tourist visa, business visa, student visa, etc. With the Internet being the new normal in today's time, the Government has also introduced online visas. E-Visa is popularly known as ETAs.

Who Can Apply for online Indian Visa?

If an individual needs to travel for any specific purpose like business-related work, medical treatment, or simply wants to visit another territory like India, they will need an e- visa. Every International Traveller to India requires the E-Visa as the sole authority defined by the Government, which is available to travellers of 160+ countries. You can apply for your e-Indian visa if your visit to India is for any of the following reasons –

  • If the visitor wants a tourism trip to India for recreation, visit his friends, relatives, or sightseeing purposes.
  • Suppose the International Traveller needs to attend a short term health program in India. In that case, it desires to explore Indian languages or learn Indian languages, music, dance, or culture of Indian (Travellers must note that their course or program period must not exceed six months duration).
  • In case of business or work-related issues, it must not exceed one-month duration.
  • International travellers must have a Passport that has a minimum validity of six months.
  • The residents of Pakistan or travellers with Pakistani parents or relatives may not be eligible for Indian Visa Online. They require a completely different process for Indian Visa application.

How to Apply?

International Travellers can get their Indian E Visa through the official government website 24/7. The applicant must follow a defined set of procedures to get their E-Visa –

  • Applicants must visit the official government visa application website, and here the Government passes a notice to the candidates to make them aware of the fraud copycat websites.
  • Now, Find the E-Visa application option on the website to start the process.
  • The Government presents a five-page visa application form to collect every applicant’s detail to ensure a smooth process.
  • After adequately filling the form, the applicants must upload their photo (Note: The picture must have at least 350px x 350px size and must be front-facing completed with white background).
  • Now, a verification process will start, and the candidate must review his information before submitting it.
  • Then, the applicant will be redirected to the payment portal to pay the e-visa application fees. (Note – Visa payment charges are country-specific).
  • After the payment, the applicant's job is done. Now, the government officials scrutinise the application to approve or reject it.
  • The Government supplies a unique facility to 20 countries, which do not require a visa application payment.


There are several visas defined for specific purposes of visit. However, the International Travellers mostly opt for the e-Travel visa for a trip to India. According to the specified guidelines, the Government avails a range of validity for an online Indian visa, relying on the fees or charges and the purpose.

E-Tourist Visa with 30 days validity – This visa comes with 30 days validity starting from the days you enter India and permits two entries.

E-Tourist Visa with the validity of 1 annum – This visa comes with 1-year validity starting from the date the visa is granted and permits multiple entries in India.

E-Tourist Visa with five years validity – This visa comes with a validity of 5 years starting from when the visa is granted and permits multiple entries in India.

For the Visas with a validity of 1 year and five years, the Government highlights some norms stating that the International Traveller possessing these visas cannot exceed a 90 days continuous staying period in a foreign country. At the same time, Canada, the UK, Japan, and the US are granted special permission to enjoy a 180 days continuous stay. The latest tourist or business visa can be given for four months, which is convenient for travellers.

Indian E-Visa Rules for People Under 18 Years Old

The Government highlights a set of rules and regulations for the applicant under 18 years old (Minor) –

The applicants must fill the Parental Authorisation Form, specially designed for the Minor category.

There are specific documentation required for this process –

  • The applicant's birth certificate copy, or any government-issued identity proof with parents name, nationality, and date of birth.
  • Minor's visa application requires the signature of both the parents on the second page of the application. At the same time, the applicant's signature or thumbprint is necessary on the first page. If any of the parents fail to submit proper signatures, the government will not approve the application.

In case a single parent is requesting a minor visa, specific documentation is required other than the usual documents –

  • Minor's birth certificate with both parent's names highlighted.
  • Each parent's identity proof and signature, if both parents' names are mentioned in the birth certificate.

If the birth certificate highlights only one parent's name, a single parent's id and signature are mandatory.

If the minor is adopted, the Government demands a legal guardian certificate. A death certificate is required, if any of the parents is dead.


The applicant must fulfil the following requirements to apply for online Indian e visa

Passport – Every individual traveller requires a passport, with a minimum of two blank pages for a stamp from the Immigration Officer. The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months at the time of applying for a visa. A passport is mandatory as the visa is stamped on the passport.

Passport Size Photo – The applicants must submit two-coloured passport-sized photos to proceed with the visa verification process. The applicants must provide a recent front-facing photo with white background.

Travel Proof – Applicants need an e-confirmation of their journey, presented by a reputable travel agency, or travel applications, clearly portraying the departure and arrival timings. Residential Proof – The applicant needs a government-issued identity proof, driving license, or house utility bills.

Minor Applicants (under 18 years old) – If the applicant comes under the Minor category, they must fill the Parental Authorisation Form.

Supplementary Form – Applicants must submit a supplemental form of two pages. If the applicant desires an e-business, Indian government demands submitting documents like a Business Cover Letter, Invitation Letter, and Incorporation Certificate.

Visa is a must-have government approval document that every International Flier must apply for. The process guides and obedience to the government-defined norms and regulations define a smooth procedure to approve e-visa.


  • Hassle-free:Completely online procedure, no paper work involved.
  • Convenient: Applicable for selective Nationalities for Air and Sea Routes.
  • More accessible: Quickes and most relaible method of getting Indian Visa.