Tourist Visa For India

Undoubtedly, India is a country full of diversified culture that attracts visitors from all over the world. Its age old temples and furthermore its heritage structures attracts more and more visitors every year and no doubt, people make time to visit this beautiful country. India is among the leading economies of the world and accordingly, people from all over the world are taking keen interest in visiting the country to visit its beautiful locations and also to explore its diversity.

Presently the E visa service allows the tourists visiting India to leave all those hassles involved with obtaining the visa, which often creates problems for most visitors, in the previous time. Despite the fact that it is substantial for a shorter period of time as compared to the customary visa, tourist visa for India is the most convenient choice for travelers.

The person can get the multiple entry visas to this country and this visa is for the traveler who needs to come to this country for more than one time. The Indian tourist E visa has a legitimacy going from a half year to ten years. As per the available Indian visa data, India has made changes taking everything into account since the past.

Indian Tourist E visa

The Indian tourist e-visa is currently known as e-visa, and it is divided into several categories to suit varied demand made by the travelers worldwide. People can actually choose the visa as per their purpose of visit in the country. Likewise, travelers looking to visit India for excursion purpose can pick the tourist visa and those who are looking to explore some business opportunity in the country can take up the business visa and so on.

On the off chance that one seeks a visa for India, one should take a gander at the different procedures and categories he finds a way into because there are different types of visas available for India. One of them is the tourist visa to India. This is the visa that is granted to a period of a half year and this is the longest remain of arrangement in this country. On the off chance that the person needs two consecutive visits, he ought to have a whole period of at least two months.


A visa that is granted for visiting India for recreation, sightseeing, easygoing visits, for example, to meet friends and relatives is known as the tourist E visa to India. No other activities will be permissible under this visa. We let you get Indian visa service by personally directing the tourists all through the Indian visa application process. We ensure that tourist gets Indian visa on time for the outing.

Those residing or working in India will not be eligible for this visa. Moreover, the accompanying persons won't be eligible to apply for an online Indian tourist visa:

  • Persons belonging to an Indian inception.
  • Spouse and children of persons belonging to an Indian source
  • Spouse and dependent relatives of foreign nationals who are visiting India on a drawn out reason for employment, business, research, or study.
  • All the above stated three categories ought to apply for the Entry visa.

Besides, the relatives of the strategic households can come on entry visa in the event that they neglect to meet all requirements for the Diplomatic Visas. They should follow all the requirements and restrictions imposed by the government authorities.

Validity of the tourist visa

  • Citizens of most countries can benefit a 6-month.
  • U.S. citizens are eligible for a 6-month, 5-year, or a 10-year.
  • This validity will begin from the main day of issuance. For instance, a six-month will be substantial until December 31 in the event that it is issued on July 1.

For what time, one can stay on tourist visa?

  • The most extreme length of the stay in the country is limited to a half year or 180 days on each visit.
  • There is no chance of converting an urgent tourist visa into some other visa.
  • There is no extension of remain granted.

What are the restrictions?

You will go through a detailed procedure wherein the Indian Consulate would scrutinize the applications you made for Indian tourist E visa. In case you have applied of one visa after the previous one, the documents will be forwarded to the foreign ministry of human affairs for clearance.

What is the procedure to get online Indian tourist visa?

As you can complete the entire procedure online, you don't have to stress over holding up in long queues and waste essential time in lengthy procedures. All you require is a good internet connection. Other than essential travel details, you additionally need to transfer a photo of yourself with a white foundation to meet the specifications listed on the website. You will likewise have to transfer the photograph page of your identification that comprises of all your personal details.

After the successful accommodation of every one of your documents, you can proceed to pay the required fee online with your debit or credit card. In the event that your application gets approved, you won't have to trust that more than five days will receive the unique application ID and ETA through email. You don't need to stress as you sit tight for the endorsement, as you can keep yourself updated by following the application online

You should present a duplicate of the ETA to the movement counter at the air terminal upon your appearance in India. Other Tourist visa to India requirements which you need to satisfy is that you should have a return ticket and enough money to help your visit in India. After checking all the necessary details, the movement officer will stamp your identification with your e-visa, while additionally catching your biometric information.

Requirements and paperwork to apply for an Indian tourist visa are numerous. We offer services to expatriate with most extreme care and dedication. We entertain all our esteemed clients through our counseling services.

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Our operational services are simple, transparent and client friendly. Our database is frequently updated with the directions of strategic missions. It is managed as per the standards of political mission.

Once you complete your online application structure, we will request that you collect your checklist and arrange the entire relevant document as needs be. You can mail your document and we will revert with the acknowledgment. Later, all the documents are checked completely by our professionals. Later we present your documents to the respective mission. Once your urgent tourist visa is stamped, we collect your identification and visa from the mission and send it to you through courier. Our team is well versed with visa processing and it is done with no danger or rejection on stipulated time.


  • Hassle-free:Completely online procedure, no paper work involved.
  • Convenient: Applicable for selective Nationalities for Air and Sea Routes.
  • More accessible: Quickes and most relaible method of getting Indian Visa.