Urgent Indian Visa

Visa is one of the necessary components for International Travellers who love to travel abroad as Visa acts as a measure for the host country to detect which citizens are eligible to reside permanently within their country. There are different visas required on other occasions or cases like – Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Urgent or Emergency Visa. Every Visa posses importance, and if there is an emergency that forces you to travel, you must get an urgent visa.

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Eligibility Criteria

You can avail of the urgent visa service if you are eligible according to specific guidelines. Generally, this facility is availed in case of urgent travel requirements or if you have not prepared beforehand and now you need to travel urgently. The applicant receives an urgent Visa within 1 to 3 days of approval. The government presents some norms and regulations to define the eligibility to apply for urgent Visa –

  • An international traveller with the desire to visit India for specific purposes such as recreation, visit relatives or family and explore for a short tenure of medical issues or business visits.
  • Passport must minimum have a six-month validity, with a minimum of two blank pages for stamping by the immigration officer.
  • Service not available for applicants with Laissez-passer travel documents or complicated official passports.
  • Service not available for document holder of International Travel.
  • An international traveller must have his return tickets or onward tourism tickets, with sufficient use during his journey.
  • Pakistani Passport Holder or International travellers of Pakistani origin must apply for a regular Visa.
  • Service is not available to travellers with Spouse's or Parent' passport; therefore, each traveller must have his passport.

What Does Urgent Indian Visa Mean for Travellers?

The government frames some rules before granting Visa for tourism purposes. Traveller visa is approved only if the International traveller seeks to visit a place as a tourist or visit friends or family, or for sightseeing, attending a short term business program, or visiting for medical treatments under the Indian System of Medicines, etc., and no other activity. The tourist visa can neither be extendable nor is convertible to other visas.

There are some regulations for tourist visas –

  • The residents of Pakistan are not granted a tourist visa.
  • Multiple Tourist Visas with a validity of 10 years may be granted to the regions like the USA, Japan, Canada, under the guidelines that continuous stay per visit must not be more than 180 days.
  • Group of International Tourists with more than four members can be granted Group Tourism Visa under a reputed travelling agency's auspices. Group Tourist Visas can only be applied through online methods, under IVFRT. To avail of this service, the travel agency must fill the application on its official website.


The government generally approves urgent online Indian visa service if the applicant needs to undergo emergency travel for a specific purpose like a certain death of a relative, business meeting, medicinal terms, or any other urgent issue. The Visa is issued within 1 to 3 days. And the Visa comes with a 60 days validity with double entry on a Business and Tourist visa and triple entry on Medical Visa. While in the case of Medical visas, special attention can be made on request for six months on case to case based on the regards of FRRO/FRO, depending on the merits.

Documents Required

The government defines certain documents that the applicants mandatorily produce to seek urgent Indian Visa –

  • Document or death certificate of death person as proof.
  • The applicants must submit an urgent Indian E visa online application form.
  • A pair of passport size photo.
  • A print out of confirmed air ticket to India.
  • Countries passport which is valid for a minimum for six months.
  • Local address proof such as bank documents or utility bills.
  • Surrender of Indian Passport, or last held Indian Passport or Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate.

The applicants must note that urgent online Visa applications will be rejected if they fail to meet any of the aforementioned requirements. You should definitely look after the requirement before applying for the urgent Visa. If you apply for an urgent visa, additional fees will be charged along with the usually defined visa application fees and other charges. The applicants must carry the exact amount or cashier's check to the counter, as Personal checks, Debit cards, or Credit cards are not acceptable.

When Can You Use Urgent E Visa for India?

Urgent Indian Visa is a type of Indian Visa issued urgently, within a few days of applying for it. The government especially issues it for emergency events that were unforeseen before. For instance, an Indian visa can be rendered in case of an uncertain occasion like the sudden death of any relatives, any official issues that demand your presence in a different country for specific medical conditions.

An Urgent Visa application will automatically be rejected in any other case, especially if the applicant can get the Visa within or after the weekends. Online Urgent Visa can be issued within one day to 3 days after successful submission of the application. If you want an extremely urgent E Visa for India, higher processing fees can be applied. The government presents Indian Visa urgently for Medical, Tourist, Business, or Any fatal occasion travellers, and the applicants must produce evident documents for their travelling purpose.

Is It Safe to Get Online Urgent Indian Visa?

The government issues some regulations to ensure the efficient world of official online platforms. The candidates can apply for an urgent Indian Visa through the government certified websites. If the travellers follow these government websites to apply for Indian visa in emergency situations, it is completely safe. The urgent Visa is identical to a standard visa and a visa on arrival. Your Visa will be checked and stamped by the immigrant officer at the airport. So, you should keep your visa and all other documents in a safe place while travelling to India. In case of any issues, you can always consult with the immigration officer who will be present at the airport.

Things to Note for the Urgent Visa Applicants

  • The issue of an urgent visa entirely depends on approval.
  • To prevent any difficulty during the process, it's your duty to produce the correct information like phone number, email address, and other essential details.
  • Government officials do not work on the urgent visa processes on National Holidays.
  • The government takes plenty of time to approve the urgent Visa if the applicant has multiple passports or visas, or damaged passport or damaged visas.


  • Hassle-free:Completely online procedure, no paper work involved.
  • Convenient: Applicable for selective Nationalities for Air and Sea Routes.
  • More accessible: Quickes and most relaible method of getting Indian Visa.